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What Was Purity Wangechi Cause Of Death? Who Are Nairobi Kenya & John Wanyoike Kibungi? Suspect Arrested, Charges!

The crimes against students are constantly increasing these days. One after another we are watching and hearing many crimes against students which are raising the concern about the safety of the students. One such death of a KIMC student is recently covering the headlines of the newspaper. As per the reports, the cops of Kiambu are probing the demise of the 19-year-old who was a student of the Kenya Institute Of Mass Communication (KIMC). The police recently found the body of a 19-year-old student in a copse in Buriria Village. Keep on reading to know more information about this death case. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Was Purity Wangechi & Cause Of Death?

Who Was Purity Wangechi & Cause Of Death?

As per Hadick Jumba, the Criminal Investigation officer of Kiambu Deputy Director, Purity Wangechi Karunga had 2 stab injuries in the neck. The officer further added that the documents which include a school identification card and the national identity card were discovered near the dead body of the victim. Jumba stated that “She was wearing a pair of blue jeans trousers along with a red top.” Her dead body was spotted by a passerby on the morning of Saturday, 14th May 2022. They instantly called the police and informed them about it. The Kiambu deputy DCIO, Hadick Jumba stated that,

Who Are Nairobi Kenya & John Wanyoike Kibungi?

We have found that she was killed in Kirigiti and the killer dumped her dead body in Buriria. As of now, we have not detained any suspect in this murder case. Though we have tough leads that could aid us the give information about the killers of Wangechi. The dead body of Wangechi was instantly taken to City Mortuary which is in Nairobi County. The hospital will perform a post-mortem of her body. On Saturday midnight, a tweet written by DCI pointed out that the chief suspect of the murder of the teenager was only recognized as ‘VDJFLEX”, a person with whom she was in a physical relationship.

Purity Wangechi – Funeral & Obituary

The probe body shared on the official Twitter account which reads that “Detectives and the investigating officers have introduced a manhunt for a man solely recognized as VDJ Flex, the chief suspect behind the cold-blooded killing of 19-year-old named Purity Wangeci Kiringa, whose dead body was found today morning near to the Mburiria estate which is in Kiambu county. Though cops state that the suspect went disappeared prior to they could hold him. DCI states introductory probes disclosed that Purity left her college on Friday in order to her beau in Kirigiti which is in Kiambu County.


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