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What Was DJ KAY SLAY Cause Of Death? NYC Hip-Hop Legend Dead At 55, Wife Name, Funeral Updates & Obituary!

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DJ kay slay is no more. He was on his way to paradise at the age of 55. To be frankly speaking his birth name was Keith Grayson. He was born on August 14, 1966, in New York. Before starting his career as DJ he was a graffiti artist. As graffiti declined during the late 1980s, he started dealing with drugs, as a result, he was arrested and imprisoned in jail till 1990. After that, he was released from jail and then started his career as DJ. He never willingly started his career as DJ. In prison to pass on his time he use to mix the beats, later on, he started enjoying doing so. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

DJ Kay Slay Death Reason

DJ Kay Slay Death Reason

He was passionate to do so and became a famous DJ later on. It was mentioned by himself in so many of the public talks. He released 9 singles and 5 albums in the span of 11 years ( i.e., from 2003 to 2011). He sold more than 350,000 copies worldwide. DJ Kay slay tied a knot with Buffie Carruth. She is an American model. She is also a writer, fitness instructor, and actor. Brick Built appeal company is her own. She is from Athens, Georgia, USA. Shoes were born on Jan 7, 1977. The age gap between both of them was 11 years. DJ Kay slay is having more than 633,000 followers on Instagram.

DJ Kay Slay: Wife Name & Instagram

He is very much active on social media. His popular albums were The soul controller, Accolade, The street sweeper, etc., In the year 2003, The New York Times dubbed DJ Kay slay as Hip Hop’s one-man ministry of insults. In the year 2021 December, he was admitted to hospital due to Covid. Through media and family, the updates were posted on social media frequently. Many of his fans expected him back home soon but unexpectedly we lost him on Easter Sunday, April 17, 2022. The world of Hip Hop was shocked by that news.

DJ Kay Slay: Funeral Updates & Obituary

His family members were filled with mournful movement and they wrote that DJ Kay slay was remembered for his passionate and extreme work. The channel radio in New York called Hot 97 conveyed his condolences for his death. His net worth was more than 6 million dollars at the time of his death. How rich, good, talented, passionate, and great they might be but one day it’s sure that everyone has to leave this world. The same thing happened with the great DJ Kay slay. He is no more. May God fills peace to his soul and gives great support to the family to which he left.


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