What Was Archie Battersbee Cause Of DEATH? Dead In Blackout Challenge, Injury Update, Funeral, Obituary & Parents!

So this article is going to be a little emotional as we are going to update you about a very painful incident related to Archie Battersbee’s death the cause of his death was a brain injury he was on our life support and she was 12 years old fighting a battle with her life. So if we talk about the whole situation she was in a very unconscious state and she took his last breath beside her mother they were all at home in Southend, Essex in August the whole social media is being a human tribute and sending his family deep condolence messages on Saturday and he was on our life support for more than a week. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Archie Battersbee Cause Of Death?

Archie Battersbee Cause Of Death?

Her condition was getting worse day by day and according to the doctors they also mention that his complete brain was damaged and he was going to have a lot of problems internally they were having no option and the recovery chances were very less however according to his family he was fighting and they wanted to keep him alive so it is related to the Black Out challenge and this particular challenge is also known as the choking challenge and you might have to go through a lot of videos that were floating on the social media platform on the Tik Tok for several years.

Who Was Archie Battersbee?

So if you are not aware of this challenge so in this particular joking challenge the particular individual need to hold his breath up to the point where they feel unconscious and then they feel that the oxygen level is going down so this particular challenge is for the people who wanted to experience a hi and the other users will going to record them and this particular video is getting viral online on the social media platform it is a very dangerous situation and you can even die if you hold you hold your breath up to 5 minutes.

Archie Battersbee: Parents, Age & Wikipedia

Several photos of him has been shared his family is going through a very rough and hard time and at this moment we would like to offer them peace as well as correct so that they can face the bad days ahead however according to them they found him on responsive at his own home on April 7 destroyed their best and according to the doctors he was going through a cardiac arrest then he was shifted to the south and hospital and the treatment was undergoing

Archie Battersbee Funeral Updates & Obituary

This was a complete tragedy and also a lesson for the people who were thinking to attend this challenge please do not try this challenge as you can close your life wishing his family our sensor respondents and sympathy we cannot even begin to understand what they are going through but at this moment we would like to send our heartfelt condolence we wish that happy memories of him calm you down may his soul rest in peace


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