What Religion Does Manoj Sahani of Mira Road Mumbai Follows?

Manoj Sahani of Mira Road Mumbai: Hello, readers in this article we will be going to talk about something very unusual and shocking as per the reports we are getting this update that the Police on Wednesday came up with arresting a Mumbai person whose name is Manoj Sahani now people are still curious as they wanted to know that what is the exact matter. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Manoj Sahani Of Mira Road Mumbai Religion

Manoj Sahani Of Mira Road Mumbai Religion

He was involved and has been charged in the case of murder. This story is quite shocking but unfortunately, Manoj was in a live-in relationship. People were even more curious to know about the whole matter as this is making controversies all over the social media platform.

Manoj Sahani’s of Mira Road Mumbai Arrest Charges

The person who was being arrested by the Mumbai Police is 56 years old and follows Muslim as we have told you that he was chopping the body parts of his 32-year-old live-in partner in Mira Road. This is quite shocking as he was accused of boiling pieces of her body in a pressure cooker and later on packing them into plastic bags to dispose of.

Manoj Sahani Killed A Girl Saraswati Vaidya

We cannot even imagine the situation of the whole family members who have been going through this following the arrest he also came up confessing to his interrogators that he chopped up her body and then later on boiled some of her parts before feeding them to stray dogs.

Why Did Manoj Sahani Killed Saraswati Vaidya?

The deceased’s of 32 years old body was being chopped up in two buckets and bowls at the apartment. According to the sources the couple often got into fights as the person was having an affair with another girl named Saraswati Vaidya. According to section 302 of the Indian penal code, Whoever kills any person, shall be punished with death or with imprisonment for life, as well as with a fine.

Manoj Sahani: Wikipedia

It is a non-bailable, cognizable offense and triable by the Court of Session. Convicted murderers can be sentenced to life imprisonment, as they are in many countries and states that have abolished the death penalty. Most state laws allow life sentences for murder that severely limit or eliminate the possibility of parole.

Under Section 302, punishment for murder includes the death penalty or life imprisonment with a fine. Under Section 304, punishment includes imprisonment for life or imprisonment for a term of ten years and fine or rigorous imprisonment depending on the gravity of the offense.

There is no prescribed time limit under the Indian Penal Code for granting bail if you are charged under section 302. A case under section 302 of IPC is a very serious offense and if you are accused of murder then even getting bail is not.


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