What Popular Tools Offer Data Encryption and Why Is It Important

What Popular Tools Offer Data Encryption and Why Is It Important: The dynamics of the modern economy continuously pose new challenges to businesses. Technology innovations further accelerate this process, bringing the good alongside the bad. Currently, cybersecurity is one of the most sensitive topics during intense business meetings. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

What Popular Tools Offer Data Encryption and Why Is It Important

Companies of all sizes face growing cyber threat risks. Moreover, emerging political initiatives such as GDPR or CCPA put more vigorous data security regulations. But where to begin? Right now, data encryption is the most conventional data security method.

It’s a highly sophisticated cybersecurity practice used by governments, businesses, and home users altogether. This article overviews why data encryption is important and the most popular encryption software.

What Is Data Encryption?

For a clear and concise definition, it’s best to rely on GDPR encryption guidelines: Encryption refers to the procedure that converts clear text into a hashed code using a key, where the outgoing information only becomes readable again by using the correct key, Even if someone with malicious intent gets access to encrypted data,

They can’t decipher it without the decryption key. In layperson’s terms, there are two types of encryption: symmetrical and asymmetrical. The former uses the same key for encrypting and decrypting data. The latter uses two keys: the public key is used to encrypt data, and the decryption key is stored privately.

Both have advantages and disadvantages. However, knowing the difference will help you choose the correct one. To summarize, symmetrical encryption is best for encrypting large bulks of files. Yet it can be decrypted by anyone holding the key. Asymmetrical encryption is slower and requires more computational power. It’s more secure and excels at encrypting online communication. The data can be decrypted only by the private decryption key.

Why Is Data Encryption Important?

The importance of encryption for data security cannot be stressed enough. Previously, third parties easily intercepted and monitored unencrypted data flow, often with criminal intent. Online shopping of the current scale would be hardly imaginable without encryption algorithms.

For example, banking details and password confirmation via an unencrypted channel are straightforward to intercept via MITM attacks. The plain text of personally sensitive information can immediately be used for further cyber-attacks. Another critical point is data at rest security.

Businesses often store vast amounts of user data. They must ensure that data is kept private. For example, in 2019, Facebook was caught storing hundreds of millions of user passwords in plain text. Employees could access this unencrypted data and gain access to user accounts. Moreover, hackers can immediately take over user accounts if they breach Facebook servers and obtain this information.

What Tools Offer Data Encryption?

There are many professional data encryption software applications to choose from. Let’s start with data-at-rest encryption. Firstly, Windows users can enable the integrated BitLocker feature. It will encrypt the whole data storage unit. If you lose your device, you can be sure no one can access your data.

However, encrypting local device storage is not enough. If you use Cloud services, it’s best to upload data in an encrypted format. Even if a Cloud server leaks confidential information, whoever has it won’t be able to decrypt it. It would be even better to use zero-knowledge encrypted Cloud storage services.

For safe online communication, it is best to use end-to-end encryption services. End-to-end encryption means only the communicating parties can access the data. The data is encrypted locally on the device level before sending it to the recipient. Once there, the recipient uses a private decryption key stored locally on their device.

This way, third parties have little chance of acquiring the key and decrypting the data. A genuine solid end-to-end encryption doesn’t allow any third party – including the communication channel – to decrypt the data. For example, secret Telegram chats cannot be decrypted by Telegram itself.

Lastly, encryption is widely used in password managers. These are essential tools for healthy password management. They offer secure encrypted vaults to store all passwords. You can create 60 symbols and complex passwords instead of using easy-to-guess ones.

With some password managers, there are even ways to check whether your passwords are safe enough. Vault encryption ensures only you can access the vault with your private decryption key.

Final Words

To summarize, encryption found its way to numerous cybersecurity fields. It secures local and Cloud storage, online communication, and passwords and is an essential tool for business information security. You will most likely require more than one encryption tool for robust cybersecurity as a business owner. We hope this article will help you choose the correct ones.


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