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What is expected to go down during this free agency of the NBA?

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Free agency is an important time for the NBA’s teams, as it will give them the chance to explore a number of different options that could potentially allow them to improve their rosters further. Each year, some of the biggest names continue to be made available as their contracts expire and they hit the free market, thus attracting the interest from sides in the league that feels they could benefit by acquiring the player. The Brooklyn Nets are just one of the teams that could potentially benefit immensely by exploring what free agency has available, especially after having.

A rather rough season and one that appeared to be one of the strongest opportunities in recent history the franchise had of obtaining an NBA Championship. In this article, we will take a look at what we could potentially expect in free agency regarding the Nets, while also looking at trade possibilities that could be in the offing in the next few months. Indeed, there has been a lot of chatter regarding Kevin Durant’s future in recent weeks…

What can we expect from the Nets in NBA Free Agency?

Following the disappointing 4-0 defeat in the first round of the NBA playoffs to the Boston Celtics, there is no doubt that the Brooklyn Nets are going to need to hit free agency and look to find a number of players to help them improve in the sport. Steve Kerr’s side was embarrassed on the court, and while they received a plethora of stars following the trade of Kevin Harden to the Philadelphia 76ers – including the acquisition of Ben Simmons – they will want to make sure they have all the right pieces in place to ensure another run can be had at the NBA Championship in the 2022/23 season.

They have already been incredibly busy this summer, though, as they have managed to acquire Patty Mills, Nicolas Claxton, Edmond Sumner, T.J. Warren, and Kessler Edwards to bolster the squad. Indeed, it is easy to question what many of these guys will bring to the team given the fact that the likes of Warren and Sumner both missed last season with big injuries. However, both will represent low-risk options for the franchise as they have both proven they can be effective basketball players when fit and healthy. Edwards is a name that the team already knows, which naturally helps.

Have the signings in free agency been an attempt to keep KD happy?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past month or so, you will have heard all of the stories regarding the future of KD at the Nets; as well as the talk regarding Kyrie Irving. Durant is unhappy in Brooklyn and wants to be traded away from the organization. However, has the team been looking to try and convince him to stay in New York through the free agency moves that they have made? Fans might hope this is the case.

Supporters will know that the team stands a better chance of success of winning the NBA Championship by keeping the star on the roster and those who like to wager on basketball games involving their favorite team will know the significance that the player brings. Naturally, the future championship odds by Caesars sportsbook NY will be better for punters if they were able to keep the 33-year-old on the team, as they are likely to get favorable prices compared to those that would be available if he were to get his desired trade.

Of course, there will still be fans that will back their team as New York sports fans are among some of the most loyal in the world, but if the team is looking to try and keep KD on their side by trying to appeal to comments he made in the past, then perhaps fans will be happy with what they are seeing in free agency.

So, what has Durant said?

He had called the NBA a wings’ league, and this was an area that the Nets had been struggling with, especially following the exit of Bruce Brown. However, there is no denying that everything the Nets have done this offseason has backed that up as they have continued to bring in players who can play in that position.

Will Durant be traded?

Of course, while there is a lot of interest in what may happen in free agency – and what has already happened – there will be many that will be keeping a very close eye on the developments and updates that concern KD’s future. He has a lengthy contract with the franchise, so the team knows they are not backed into a corner and can actually position themselves with a strong negotiation stance. We already know it has been claimed they have a desire to receive “one of the biggest trade returns in league history”, but whether there are any takers is something that could prove difficult for Durant.

Recent updates suggest that the Minnesota Timberwolves had “turned down an unrealistic proposal” after the Nets allegedly asked for Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards, plus four draft picks. Indeed, if that is the type of trade that Brooklyn is after, then it could be a long offseason for Durant. There are teams allegedly interested in taking one of the biggest stars in the NBA, which is no surprise, but whether any of them are set to give up their best players and long-term futures in order for short-term gains remains to be seen.

Final Thoughts

Free agency is always a fun and exciting time for fans of certain teams as it gives them an opportunity to look at what their favorite organization is doing, which can then build some excitement and create expectations for the season ahead. Brooklyn has been making the splashes that they need in the market to improve their team, while it seems they are prepared to do whatever they need to do in regard to the situation involving KD: either get as many quality players and picks as possible or perhaps continue to build its roster around him.


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