E-Creator Scam Zimbabwe EXPLAINED!

E-Creator, a company that promised lucrative returns, has left many victims in its wake. Despite the initial allure, it has become evident that the company was nothing more than a scam. In recent developments, E-Creator announced its closure, blaming a Chinese founder named Zhao Jiaotong for embezzling funds and absconding. However, upon closer examination, it becomes clear that the company’s statements are riddled with inconsistencies and falsehoods. This article aims to shed light on the questionable narrative presented by E-Creator and the impact it has had on its unsuspecting victims.

E-Creator Scam In Zimbabwe
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E-Creator Scam In Zimbabwe

E-Creator’s closure announcement, posted on their Facebook page, claims that Zhao Jiaotong, the alleged Chinese founder, was responsible for fraudulently withdrawing funds through the Ecocash agent in Harare. The statement asserts that he was carrying over $1 million in deposits from E-Creator employees and attempts to mobilize individuals to recover their lost money. However, doubts arise regarding the credibility of this narrative.

The Dubious Storyline

Despite E-Creator’s attempt to shift blame onto Zhao Jiaotong, the details provided in their statement lack credibility. For instance, the claim that Zhao sent company funds to his personal Ecocash account and subsequently withdrew them raises questions about the feasibility of such a scheme. Ecocash, a mobile payment platform, has transaction limits that prevent large-scale transfers and withdrawals. The limits imposed make it virtually impossible for Zhao to have withdrawn a million dollars as claimed by E-Creator.

Transaction Limits and the Web of Lies

E-Creator’s statement contradicts the transaction limits imposed by Ecocash. It states that Zhao sent funds to Ecocash agents to facilitate withdrawals on his behalf. However, Ecocash transaction limits restrict both transfers and withdrawals to a maximum of $2,000 per month. Furthermore, an individual cannot hold more than $20,000 in their Ecocash wallet. These limitations make it implausible for Zhao to have embezzled a million dollars using the Ecocash platform.

Identifying the Culprits

While the closure statement mentions Zhao Jiaotong as the scapegoat, it is crucial to investigate the roles played by individuals such as Justin Kuchekenya and Abraham Mutambu, who represented themselves as the CEO and spokesperson, respectively. These individuals may hold valuable information that could shed light on the truth behind E-Creator’s operations and the identities of those responsible for the scam.

The Evangelists’ Role

One troubling aspect of E-Creator’s operation was the recruitment of unsuspecting individuals by early adopters, who were aware of the scam’s nature but aimed to profit before its collapse. These evangelists, driven by personal gain, lured others into investing their life savings, leading to devastating financial losses. Their actions highlight the need for responsible investment practices and ethical considerations in the realm of pyramid schemes. E-Creator’s fraudulent practices have left a trail of victims who fell prey to their deceptive promises. The closure statement and subsequent revelations raise significant doubts about the credibility of the company’s claims.

As investigations continue, it is crucial to expose the truth behind E-Creator’s operations and hold accountable those responsible for perpetrating this scam.The impact on the victims serves as a stark reminder to exercise caution, conduct thorough research, and seek reputable investment opportunities. Only through increased awareness and accountability can we hope to prevent similar scams from victimizing unsuspecting individuals in the future.


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