What Happened With Elizabeth Gaglewski? Cause Of Death, Bar 54 Dead, Age, Funeral & More!

Bar 54th, New York City, rooftop bar, this name has been in the news forever now. As there are death tools that are occurring these days here. Yes, the place is now been called cursed as it has been taking the lives of many people. So far two people passed away mysteriously after falling from the building at such a height. While on the other hand, it was mentioned that these two people died months of difference later, but the manner in that they died was similar, while these two fell mysteriously from the top. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Elizabeth Gaglewski Death Reason

What Happened With Elizabeth Gaglewski?

Stay tuned as we discussed in detail the demise of Elizabeth Gaglewish who passed away recently after falling from bar 54. Elizabeth Gaglewish was one model who fell from bar 54 and passed away. Recently one businessman/ founder of an investment firm as well passed away after he fell brutally from the 54 bar and he passed away. These two deaths occurred in the same manner while the death was sorrow suspected to be accidental, these two were absolutely fine when they met people before their deaths.

Elizabeth Gaglewski Death Reason

Police are currently investigating these two cases, although the place is now been called cursed as two deaths occurred all of sudden and the two demises occurred after these two people fell from the top. Elizabeth was one New York model who passed away at the young age of 26. Her mother who was devastated by her daughter’s demise added that her daughter was fine in her condition and even hugged her three hours before she passed away.

How Did Elizabeth Gaglewski Die?

Elizabeth went to bar 45 and she reserved a table there while she was at the Hyatt-centric bar, she also had a drink before she climbed over the barriers and jumped. As she climbed the staff was horrified to see her climb there and they tried to stop her but eventually, the attempt was filed when Elizabeth jumped. She passed away on the 12th of October 2022. As per her friends of Elizabeth, she was a happy soul but was lately depressed when she passed away before her demise.

Police are currently investigating the case and it was mentioned that she jumped off the bar and landed right on the 27th floor on Wednesday. The death of Elizabeth was mysterious as she seemed fine and many people even described that they wouldn’t believe that Elizabeth passed away. She was greatful and kind added one of her friends who also was shocked by the death of Elizabeth. A go fund page was established by her friend which was set up to fund teh funeral expenses of Elizabeth.

One of the witnesses of Elizabeth’s demise said that she saw Elizabeth jump from teh building. Teh witness was a worker of teh bar and said that this occurred around 3:30 pm the timing of the death was unusual as she drank afternoon met her mother and was causal when it comes to her behaviour. This bar where the incident occurred is said to be perched above the bright lights of times square and is one of the most visited bars in Times Square as well. Authorities were describing this situation as suicidal while they solely determined the case, the same is the case with Dale, teh financer who passed away in the same manner.


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