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WATCH: Who Is F22LOVERR Stream Buffalo Shooting Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter, Instagram & Reddit Link!

Greetings everyone and as we all know that recently a very devastating and horrible shooting incident happened at a Topps market in Buffalo. Approximately 10 individuals were killed when suddenly a masked individual entered the store and started firing blindly. The population currently investigating and looking for suspects. The criminal was streaming the whole incident light on a ship’s twitch account. It has received millions of views and police are using it as evidence. He was armed and he had armor on him as well. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Stream Buffalo Shooting Video Leaked & Viral


The criminal was identified as Payton Gendron who is currently 18 years old. Recently his mother gave an interview and stated that he has a mental condition and should be pardoned. He has killed many individuals and injured many of them as well. Emergency services were immediately called on the spot and fortunately many lives would be saved. He has been accused of many crimes and report proceedings will start immediately when he is apprehended. He lives in New York currently.

Stream Buffalo Shooting Video Leaked & Viral

The cause of the mass shooting was stated as communal grudges. He wanted to show the whole country that he can do anything he wants and he wanted to assault the minorities. He had a lot of hate against specific communities and that’s why the attack was racially inspired. The video was uploaded by f22loverr later on the Twitter account and immediately it started gathering attention. This page currently has more than 2,000 followers and it has been uploading the breaking news and explicit stories.

F22loverr Twitter Brutal Buffalo Shooting Viral Video

We don’t know anything regarding his family and his relationship status don’t have any information regarding the owner of this Twitter account and we are still searching for it. Search accounts are present on the Internet in huge quantities. They have been uploading explicit and sensual content as well and the popularity of such pages is increasing at a very rapid rate. We will be back to some more interesting stories and reports and updates from all around the world.


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