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WATCH: Who Is Chaqueño Palavecino, Leaked Video Went Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit Link, Full Video!

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A video of a singer is currently making the rounds on the Internet. The video is created a lot of controversies and people are constantly expressing their reactions on the web. As per the latest report, A show that Oscar “El Chaqueno” Palavencino was performing in Cowboys which is the province of Salta, concluded bearishly after the Cops have stated province were standing on stage and asked the singer and his band to conclude their musical presentation. The musical artist, far from getting silent, blow up with fury again the musical organization due to they took him to step off the musical stage. He stated that “Sorry everyone. I am apologizing and I am leaving. The cops in charge triumphed. It is okay, I am leaving. If you want to watch me somewhere, I am not going back to the place called Cowboys. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Chaqueño Palavecino Leaked Video

Who Is Chaqueño Palavecino?

I am going to another place.” After that, he tethered out at the cops, who forced the vocalist of his show. The singer stated that “Thank you to all of these. They send them to cut me off and I am not a criminal, let them fetch all these felines. So not me. I am the individual, brother.” The singer stated all these great rages before getting off the stage and breaking the microphone on the ground. According to numerous reports, a video of Chaco Palavecino’s anger with many police officers toured social media networks in recent hours. The musical singer was performing a show which was held in Salta at the time of an appreciation to Martin Miguel de Guemes for the 201st anniversary of his demise.

Chaqueño Palavecino Leaked Video

Though the musical concert concluded precipitous when the security personnel of the musical festival comes on the musical stage for the artist to finish the show. Because of teh interruption, Chanqueno hurl the microphone to the ground and stated a warning against the musical arrangers of the musical event. As per the reports, the issue comes up due to the Chaqueño Palavecino show being planned as the ending of the festival, as he was the famous figure of the night.

Because of this, she was capable to begin her presentation after 04:00 AM. At around 06:30 AM the musical artist was still performing on the stage and the local cops come there the musical act began at around 10:00 PM. After getting disturbed by the agents of the Cowboys, the singer got angry. He was too much angry about the whole situation, and also stated that he would never again take participation in the musical event that happened very year.


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