WATCH VIDEO: Maino Chokes YouTuber Buba100x After Prank Gone Wrong!

Recently, a video surfaced online of Brooklyn rapper Maino choking YouTuber Buba100x after a prank went wrong at Daniel’s Leather fashion show earlier this month. The video has since gone viral and sparked controversy, with many people expressing their outrage over Maino’s actions. In the video, Buba100x can be seen conducting his typical TikTok style of interviews with Maino at the fashion show. Things seem to be going well until Buba100x cracks a joke on Maino by saying “beating Maino’s ass”. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Maino Chokes YouTuber Buba100x After Prank Gone Wrong

Maino Chokes YouTuber Buba100x

This joke did not sit well with the rapper, who suddenly grabs the YouTuber by his throat and pins him down to the floor. Another video, filmed by a bystander, appears to show that Maino was genuinely bothered and was not in on the prank. However, Maino later claimed that he was 100% acting in the clip and wanted to sell the prank by making it look real with his angry emotions. Buba100x, who has over half-a-million YouTube subscribers, is known for his wild pranks. He once snatched Toosie’s chain.

Maino Chokes YouTuber Buba100x After Prank Gone Wrong

and told French Montana that his music was trash. While some may argue that he had it coming for his provocative actions, the violent nature of Maino’s response has caused outrage and concern. Many people are calling for Maino to be held accountable for his actions, with some even calling for him to face legal consequences. It is important to note that choking someone is not only a form of physical assault but also potentially life-threatening. It is never acceptable to resort to violence.

Maino Chokes YouTuber Buba100x After Prank Gone Wrong Video Viral

regardless of the circumstances. Furthermore, it is concerning that Maino claimed he was acting in the clip. This could potentially send a dangerous message to his fans, implying that it is acceptable to fake violent behavior for the sake of entertainment or to sell a prank. This could lead to copycat behavior and even more dangerous situations in the future. It is also worth noting that Buba100x’s pranks often involve crossing boundaries and pushing the limits of what is acceptable behavior.

While this does not excuse Maino’s actions, it is important to consider the impact that Buba100x’s actions may have had on the situation. In the future, it is important for creators to be mindful of the potential consequences of their pranks and ensure that they do not put themselves or others in harm’s way. The incident between Maino and Buba100x highlights the importance of accountability and responsible behavior in the entertainment industry.


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