WATCH: Henderson KY Shooting Today Video Went Viral, 2 Dead 2 Injured, Suspect Name & Pics!

Good evening everyone we have some really horrible reports of the Henderson KY shooting accident. Almost 14 people had major injuries because of this incident and It all happened near the house Christian center on Thursday night. Everyone was really terrified after this shooting. Emergency services were immediately called and the authorities started an investigation and quickly declared an 18-year-old suspect. They are trying to capture him as soon as possible and reportedly he was last spotted near Atkinson Street. Follow Our website for the latest updates!!!!!

Henderson KY Shooting Today

Henderson KY Shooting Today

This is not the first time that this neighborhood has seen such kind of shooting as they recently witnessed such kind of terror in 2019 when a 25-year-old Japaris Baker was apprehended. The police headquarters immediately took action and he was prosecuted for his crime. Atlantis Plastics shooting is also a very strong example of such incidents that happened in 2008 in the month of June and Wesley Higdon did brutal murders. We would like to express our deepest sympathy to the family of the injured and we hope for their quick recovery.

Who Are The Suspect Of Henderson KY Shooting Today?

Shooting accidents are not stopping in the country the citizens are still living a life of fear. It is really disappointing for everyone. the suspect was using a Hi-Point Model JHP .45-caliber pistol. The identities of the injured are not available. Individuals on Twitter and Instagram are highly criticizing the functionality and operations of the police. The shooter apparently retrieved a handgun, shot the supervisor, then went back into the factory and shot five co-workers before turning the gun on himself.

Henderson KY Shooting Today Victim Names & Pics

If you have any information then you can call the Henderson Police Department: at 270-831-1295, or Crime Stoppers: at 270-831-1111. We don’t have any exact amount of knowledge regarding the motivation of this incident and the police are currently tracking Smartphones and license plates. The suspect was reportedly using a Toyota car. We will be back with some more information about this dreadful situation until then up we will keep posting updates and stay tuned with our website.


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