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WATCH: Extremely Dangerous & Strong Tornado Hit Minnesota, Buildings & Trees Were Damaged Video & Pictures Viral!

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 Minnesota has been hit by a severe stroma, although no fatalities, severe damage to the buildings, and power cut were observed. A severely strong storm went across Minnesota sweeping the building and hails, there was a [power cut, and the after scene was devastating. The storm took place on Monday 30th of May. The storm along with damaging buildings uprooted trees and damaged many structures as well, speculating around 75. Starting on Monday afternoon the storm went on and there was a strong wind in the area as well. According to the mayor of the city, Mr. David Reller, the wind was very powerful land the storm as well. The wind caused a power shortage and the citizens were left with power shortages on the western side of the Minnesota city of Forada. The emergency responders went door to door to know if any fatalities occurred, and thankfully there was no such case. Hotels in the city allotted rooms for the people who needed them and helped them as well. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Extremely Dangerous & Strong Tornado Hit Minnesota

Extremely Dangerous & Strong Tornado Hit Minnesota

According to Reller, it’s tragic how much physical damage is caused by the storm. He spoke from the town’s firehouse, which was running on a generator. He said that they are trying hard and will get back soon in form. People on social media shared pictures and videos of the damage caused, they showed how the roofs were ripped and the metals were twisted and torn due to the wind. People also showed how the beach road was damaged as well. According to the national weather services, there was a storm in other spots of the western side as well. Todd Krause, a Meteorologist from the city said, officials used photographs that proved that there was another tornado in the Appleton, Minn, which is 70 miles away from Forada.

Tornado Hit Minnesota Buildings & Trees Were Damaged Video & Pictures

It was reported that another tornado will be observed on the southern border of the Minnesota Towns of Trotsky and jasper as well. Starting on Monday afternoon, the storm swept everything in the city and then it slowly made its way through the city to the border and other parts of the city as well. Around 7:30 pm the storm reached The twin cities’ metro area. There were alerts and warnings given about the bad weather, and large areas of Minnesota were covered by the storm. Due to the alert given, people thankfully were not injured or lost as well.

According to the weather services, they called the situation a dangerous one, which they do not do until they witness something huge and not usual. As they had to keep a watch on the weather, they said that they have to monitor the situation very closely. Along with the western side, the eastern and the central side also witnessed the storm, living more than 5k people under a power shortage. According to Weather services, there were many reports from the north side of trees being downed and buildings getting damaged.


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