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Watch Ebit Lew Leaked Video, Chats Screenshots Of Ebit Lew Went Viral On Reddit, Twitter & Telegram, Check Real or Fake?

Hello guys, we have really sizzling news for you today about a very famous personality. Ebit Lew has become the central point of attention on the net today as Celebrity Preacher. there are some reports and rumors of social harassment about him which are shaking the internet. A video of him is leaked on the Internet which is associated to p**nography. But it is still yet to be authenticated. Check out the whole news here:

Ebit Lew Leaked Video

Ebit Lew Leaked Video

Some videos have been leaked, which dispensed a man who resembled like Ebit Lew, currently, 36, masturbating and exposing his p*nis in front of the camera, were assigned to a course set up by another Islamic public figure, Firdaus Wong, as a program to support more people to file police accusations against Lew. It has gained over 90,000 subscribers since yesterday.

Who Is Ebit Lew? Wikipedia, Biography, Age 

The police originated research into Lew on Aug. 19 after experiencing multiple grievances of sexual harassment facing him, including posting lewd videos, partaking photos of his genitals, and transferring provocative texts. Some of the complainants came foremost with the help of Wong, the preacher told journalists recently. Firdaus replied that he and his organization are dressed on the off-chance certain people want to take lawful motion against them. He even promised that he will persist with the sufferers in order to solicit equity for all and justice.

Evidently, there is a Telegram channel which is of the name “Bukti-Bukti Manga Eboit Lew”, it has also yielded some clips which is conferring a somebody who is matching the preacher as he is working indecently on the area, it has been declared that the Telegram account is at least advocated by 12,000 users. It appears like he is an insignificant problem if these objections are going to be true then he is unquestionably been on the deadly path. For more additional insights and updates stick with TheGossipsWorld.


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