WATCH: CABO FIGHT VIDEO, Girl Beat To Death In Mexico Hotel Clip Went Viral, Identify As Shanquella Robinson!

Shanquella Robinson is a woman from the United States who passed away in Mexico mysteriously after she went on a trip with her friends. As per the reports, the woman was on vacation and a day later her demise news came up. Robinson who was away from her family talked about the day before her demise with her mother, Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Cabo Fight Video

Cabo Fight Video

And the demise was quite a mystery for many people. Reports were released later and the main cause of the death was also revealed later. Robinson passed away mysteriously without any trace of her being injured. Let us learn more in detail about this case and also know one of the videos of her being beaten up as well. Robinson was a 25 years old woman who passed away in Mexico when she was on a trip with her friends.

She is from the United States and her death was a mystery. Robinson’s death was mentioned to her family when she was completely dead and she was found dead in her living room. There were many mysteries behind her death. Robinson who was on vacation had a conversation with her mother the day before her demise. Salamander Robinson. Sanquella Robinson’s mother added that she was informed

Cabo Girl Fight Video

After her daughter passed away a while later. Salamander adds that she does not find the statements of her daughter’s friends rightful and she filed a case. Salamdnor and Bernard, Robinson’s parents were not satisfied with the statements of the friends who were with her. Robinson as per one of the reports passed away due to poisoning from alcohol but it was not true. As the parents of Robinson reported to the FBI

And filed a complaint. In the reports that were given after the autopsy, it came out that the vertebrae which is the first vertebrae of the spinal cord of Robinson there were serval injuries and that she might have passed away due to those injuries. Robinson’s demise occurred around 3 pm and the medics arrived around 15 minutes later. despite the CPR being provided Robinson passed away on the scene.

Girl Beat To Death In Mexico Hotel

Now a video of Robinson fighting with a woman is going viral all over the internet and there are videos of her on Twitter where she was half-naked and was fighting with a woman who was supposedly beating her up. The woman in the video overpowered Robinson and she beat her badly. People who were watching the fighting were recording it as well and it was published online. The video showed that the ones who were recording

The video was of her friends who were cheering for the woman who beat Robinson and they were asking Robinson to fight back. One of their male friends of Robinson even called Robinson to fight back. Salamander added that she does not believe her daughter’s friends and that she will remain in peace after finding out the whole truth about her daughter’s death. Robinson celebrated her 25th birthday with her friends

And she was at the villa when she passed away. Robinson’s demise was mentioned in the report and it was confusing as well. Robinson’s father added that they want justice for their daughter. They also complained that after a lot of processes and spending around 6k dollars Robinson’s body was finally bought to their hometown. They also revealed that other friends of Robinson were getting back to their houses but their daughter never came back alive.


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