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WATCH: Bhojpuri Actor Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha Lulia Honeymoon Viral & Leaked Video On Social Media, Twitter & Reddit!

A video of a Bhojpuri actor is getting viral on the internet and gaining people’s attention. The actor we are talking about here is Yash Kumar. The actor Yash has been married recently and is with his wife on honeymoon. The video was shared by the actor himself and it has been liked a lot. Many actors have tied knots this year, in a similar way, Yash has also been married and is off with his wife on honeymoon. The couple married a couple of days earlier and is been equally loved by the fans. Yash married a woman from his profession, an actress named Nidhi. The couple has been in news and talked about for a while because of their marriage from their honeymoon. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!

Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha Lulia Honeymoon Viral Video

Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha Lulia Honeymoon Viral Video

Yash married Nidhi a while back, but it is said that they have been for a while now and are finally after marriage on their honeymoon trip. Nidhi and Yash have been sharing pictures and videos of themselves from their honeymoon. Many people and stars have congratulated the couple on their wedding and sent blessings through comments. The video showcased Yash standing and holding a phone, in which he said, There are a lot of problems in my life, after which he turned the camera and showcased Nidhi, his wife. The video was then posted by the actor jokingly.

Who Are Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha Lulia?

Nidhi who had no idea about the video being shot and then being posted commented on Yash’s post with angry emojis. The video was liked by many and the funny video has now grasped a bunch of views. The actor Yash has now been married for the second time now. Yes, the actor was married earlier and has a daughter too. But, unfortunately, they parted after divorced. His first wife was also an actress named, Anjali Singh.

Yash Kumar and Nidhi Jha Lulia: Wikipedia & Biography

She was also from the Bhojpuri film industry. Yash and Nishi started dating after Yash’s divorce and that too for three long years. As of now they have been married and the couple is loved by many people. This year many film stars, including Ranbir Kapoor, Vicky Kaushal, and Raj Kumar Rao married their loved ones and ruled the internet with their stunning pictures. The year has been very easy going for the film industry. In this era, Yash as well got his hands in and got married to Nidhi, the long-time lover.


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