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WATCH: ANNE HECHE ACCIDENT VIDEO, Actress Burned After Car Crash Into Los Angeles Home, Health Condition Update!

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Actress Anne Heche was recently involved in a car crash and it was been reported that the actress sustained severe injuries as a result of the car crash. As per the sources, the actress was rushing her car and then hit a house while she was driving her car in Los Angeles and hit a house after which the car and the house was on a fire. Anne sustained severe injuries after which she was transferred to the hospital and as of now, Anne is getting treated at the hospital as a result of the severe burns. As per sources, the incident occurred on Friday and police were initially not able to identify the car and the driver when they saw the CCTV. As reported by the police, a vehicle ran off the road and it entered the Preston and Walgrve intersection. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Anne Heche Car Accident Video

Anne Heche Car Accident Video

After the car went through the intersection, it then collided with a residence at Walgrove on the 1700 block. LAPD reported that before the driver who was Anne collided with the residence it also collided with a building earlier and as the residents came out and started questioning, Anne reversed her car and she then took off to Walgrove where she collided with a house. Police reported that the car caught fire and the driver as well was on fire. This incident occurred in the Mar Vista area of LA, and police have said that they rescued a person who was wearing charred clothes, the police covered the person in a cloth, and put her on a stretcher. After getting to the hospital Anne was treated.

Anne Heche: Health Condition Update

And it was given out that she is intubated but she is expected to survive. Until now why the crash occurred and the motive remains unknown, as Anne is still in the hospital getting treated. As reported by the local media houses, Anne was driving a Blue Mini Cooper. When Anne initially crashed her car into a building, people in the apartment tried to talk to her but she drove away. Anne is now 53 years old and she is a well-known actor known for her role in Donnie Brasco. Other than Anne, no one else was injured hopefully, but Anne sustained severe injuries and it might take days for her to cover from those injuries.

Anne Heche: Wikipedia & Bio

Anne was cast in a number of other shows as well, she also won an Emmy daytime award in 1991 for her role in Another World. Apart from her being known for her roles in shows and films, Anne is also known for her dating life. She is best known as the partner of Ellen DeGeneres, but the two are not together now, but years they spent together. As of now, the team of Anne has not declared anything yet and they haven’t released any statement regarding the behavior and the reason behind Anne driving so fast and hitting buildings and houses. Police are still waiting for Anne’s recovery to investigate the case.


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