Home Gossips Was Kenneth Anger Married? Who Is His Wife?

Was Kenneth Anger Married? Who Is His Wife?

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Was Kenneth Anger Married?: In the article, we will be informing you about a great personality who was born on February 3 1927 in California you might be wondering and curious to know about him so he is Kenneth Anger. He is considered to be quite a well-known American personality. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Was Kenneth Anger Married?

Who Was Kenneth Anger?

As an independent filmmaker, he was recognized by everyone in this industry and was better known because of the popular music soundtracks in his movies which were quite commendable and appreciatable. Unfortunately, Kenneth took his last breath on 24th May 2023.

Kenneth Anger Cause Of Death

People started paying him tribute on the social media platform as well as they wanted to know about his cause of death. As of now no cause of death has been given to us regarding his cause of death but we will make sure that we will be informing you about him whenever we will be receiving any further information from the authorities.

Kenneth Anger Wikipedia

In the year 1950 decided to move towards Paris when he joined the circle of French writers and he was working with a lot of good personalities as well as a franchise of the French film achieves and screening center. He was considered to be a great performer as well as he was considered to be an inspiration for many young people.

Kenneth Anger Career

He was supported at various points by the British American philanthropist. It is a great loss for the whole industry. The result was the short film Fireworks, which was created in 1947 and exhibited publicly in 1948. Upon Fireworks’ release, Anger was arrested on obscenity charges.

Was Kenneth Anger Married?

He was acquitted after the case went to the Supreme Court of California, which deemed the film art, not pornography. Born in a middle-class Presbyterian family in Santa Monica, California, He was not married as he have not disclosed any information related to it. Anger later claimed to have been a child actor who appeared in the film A Midsummer Night’s Dream (1935); the accuracy of this claim is disputed.

Kenneth Anger: Bio

Anger described filmmakers such as Auguste and Louis Lumière, Georges Méliès, and Maya Deren as influences, and was cited as an important influence on directors like Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, and John Waters. Kinsey Today argued that Anger had “a profound impact on the work of many other filmmakers and artists, as well as on music video as an emergent art form using dream sequence, dance, fantasy, and narrative.”


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