Can You Guess W2S Parents Ever Influence Him To Become A YouTube Star?

W2S Parents: YouTuber W2S is currently being highlighted as a member of the media after his recent interview. Behind the glittering facade of YouTube stardom lies the unwavering support and guidance of family. For Harry Lewis, famously known as W2S or Wroetoshaw, his journey to digital fame has been significantly shaped by the presence and influence of his parents, Tricia and Adrian Lewis. Here we have all the details about W2S’s Parents, his journey, and life. 

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W2S Parents

Harry’s roots trace back to the serene Channel Islands, specifically Alderney, where he spent his formative years before the family relocated to Guernsey in 2004. Alongside his younger siblings, Josh and Rosie, Harry navigated the halls of Guernsey Grammar School, laying the foundation for his academic and personal growth.

In the backdrop of Harry’s ascent to YouTube stardom stands his mother, Tricia Lewis, a dedicated nurse based in Guernsey. Despite her demanding profession, Tricia has been a steadfast pillar of support for her son, actively endorsing his ventures and even joining him in charitable endeavors like the 2019 Mount Kilimanjaro climb for Comic Relief. Through her Instagram handle, @tricia.lewis.58, she offers glimpses into their family life, travels, and shared passions, painting a vivid picture of the Lewis household beyond the digital realm.

Complementing Tricia’s support is Adrian Lewis, Harry’s father, and a financial adviser in Guernsey. Adrian’s love for football, particularly his allegiance to Manchester United, mirrors Harry’s passion for the sport. Beyond familial ties, Adrian actively engages with Harry’s online community, providing occasional updates and sharing his perspectives on sports and politics via Twitter (@adrianlewis1969). His unwavering encouragement underscores the familial bond that fuels Harry’s journey.

W2S Marriage With Sasha Appleton

W2S Parents
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In December 2023, Harry embarked on a new chapter of his life as he exchanged vows with Sasha Appleton, a renowned social media influencer and model, in a lavish ceremony in Dubai. Sasha’s British and Russian heritage, coupled with her modeling background, adds a layer of diversity to their shared narrative. Their collaborative efforts extend beyond personal milestones, as evidenced by their joint YouTube ventures and shared passion for animals, epitomized by their beloved canine companions, Herb and Luna.

At its core, the union of W2S and Sasha Appleton transcends conventional notions of celebrity partnerships. It serves as a testament to the enduring influence of familial support and the transformative power of shared passions. With Tricia and Adrian Lewis standing as silent but formidable pillars behind Harry’s success, and Sasha Appleton adding her unique flair to their collective journey, the couple epitomizes the synergy between love, collaboration, and unwavering support.


Who Is W2S?

Harry Lewis popularly known as W2S is a well-known YouTuber and influencer

Who Are W2S Parents?

W2S’s parents are Tricia and Adrian Lewis who are his biggest support in the long journey.

Who Is W2S Wife?

W2S was married to popular social media influencer and model Sasha Appleton in December 2023.


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