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VIDEO: Who Was José De Jesús? ZooKeeper Tiger Attack Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Instagram & YouTube!

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A dreadful video is making rounds on the web which is quite enough to scare anyone. As per the latest viral video, Zookeeper has been handed away after a tiger savages his arm. The entire horrifying moment has been captured in the video and widely circulating on the internet. As per the latest report, a keeper who was working in a private zoo was lethally attacked when he put his hand through a barrier to stroke a tiger at the time of food time. The dreadful footage of the scary attack views the big cat sinking its claws into the Zookeeper’s hand and removing his arm into its mouth. The name of the late keeper was Jose de Jesus who was 23 years old and allegedly handed away. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

ZooKeeper Tiger Attack Video

Who Was José De Jesús?

After the lethal attack, he was instantly admitted to the hospital where the doctor pronounced him dead. The attack happened in Periban, western Mexico. The video views Jose inviting the Bengal tiger over the fence in order to give it food. But as he begins to store the neck of the beast, its mood changes and it immediately attacks his right hand. He started screaming in pain, and the tiger pulls his hand with the help of its jaws and also with its razor-sharp teeth. Another scary video views a big pool of blood on the floor. Jose was instantly admitted to the hospital where he allegedly rejected to permit doctors to cut off his eaten hand.

José De Jesús ZooKeeper Tiger Attack Video

Jose started having complications in his hand as he was a patient with diabetes. The doctor informed the local media that he was handed away after suffering from a massive cardiac arrest. The stern video footage was allegedly issued by the owner of the tiger who kept his tiger in the private zoo along with other tigers, a crocodile, and a lion. The owner of the tiger asserted that in the video views the zookeeper had been careless. He further added that he had paid his medical bills of Jose and told him all the required permits. This news came after the media outlets reported that the authorities were checking

José De Jesús: Funeral, Death Reason & Obituary

Whether the owner of the tiger had an authentic license from the Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources in order to keep the wild animals. Petrified visitors are viewed in horror as the keeper desperately takes his hand back in order to free himself from the mouth of the tiger. The entire incident has happened at Jamaica Zoo. The video of the tiger attack was highly shared on the web viewing the contractor as he was explained by the zoo, ignoring the growls of the lion. He comes up to tease the growling tiger by touching its nose and face.


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