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VIDEO: Who Is Shontover Kirkland, Leaked Video On Twitter, Prison For Woman Who Caused Two Deaths!

A Georgian woman who pushed a man into the lake was punished and sentenced to a year. The woman pushed a man from the mountain top into the lake and another man jumped right into the water, making the two disappear in the water. The woman who pushed the two men was sentenced this week on Tuesday to one year and nine months of probation. Shontover Kirkland was the woman who was convicted and was jailed for a year. According to the Augusta area news, Shontover pleaded guilty on Tuesday. She pleaded guilty to reckless conduct. The case occurred in 2021 and now in June 2022, the case is closed after leading the accused to guilty. Let us know in detail about this case. Shontover pleaded guilty to reckless conduct and two counts of involuntary manslaughter. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Shontover Kirkland?

Who Is Shontover Kirkland?

She was proved in connection with the drowning deaths of two men. The woman firstly pushed a man into the lake from the Clarks hills and another man jumped in the water to save the first one. Eventually the two disappeared in the water, but after one week the bodies of the men were found. Edward Lee Kirk and Lynn Wilson were the two who were found dead. Shontover pushed Kirk and Wilson jumped behind to save him. The police gave the same statement that Shontover pushed Kirk and Wilson jumped following the other. While the incident occurred the accused rented boats and they were having birthday celebrations ongoing.

Shontover Kirkland Leaked Video

When Shontover was arrested the woman was 32 years old and according to many people and the police as well, the woman rented two large Pontoon boats there were more than a dozen people on the boats and there was a birthday celebration ongoing. The reason behind pushing the man into the river is still not released but the charges and the convictions are released and outspoken in the media. Maybe the woman did it out of hatred and out of some personal issues. The relation between the men and the woman is also not given but it can be predicted that they were related as the man have the same name as Shontover.

Shontover Kirkland Prison For Woman Who Caused Two Deaths

According to the reports, the arrest warrant said that Shontover did unlawful things, she endangered the bodily safety of Edward lee by consciously pushing him from the Clarks hill and She wasn’t known whether the man could swim or not. Without any substantial knowledge, the man was pushed by Shontover. According to some reports the woman, i.e, Shontover later apologized to the families of the two men and also accepted her crime. It declares that the woman was not aware if Edward could swim or not and this was not a hate crime. Anyhow the woman pleaded guilty for a year.


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