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VIDEO: West Virginia Helicopter Crash Video, 6 People Died In A Vietnamese-Era Helicopter Crash, Victim Names & Pics!

Logan country from West Virginia recently went through a devastating helicopter and the travelers in the crash were found dead. The incident occurred on Wednesday when the helicopter was near the highway and there at the spot the helicopter landed and crashed, leaving no person in the helicopter alive. The accident occurred near the Kelly Hollow and the emergency team heard about the crash and soon reached the area but to everyone’s shock, the helicopter was already crashed. Later police and everyone gathered at the site of the incident and checked up on the helicopter and they eventually came to a result that no one in the helicopter survived. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

West Virginia Helicopter Crash Video

West Virginia Helicopter Crash Video

The helicopter was near the Kelly Hollow and the crash occurred around 4:45 pm, on Wednesday, 22nd of June 2022. According to the federal administration, the crash occurred near route 17 of the Logan Country. According to the police and the management, there were six people in the helicopter and no one was left alive. Everybody in the helicopter died due to the helicopter crash. Investigations were conducted on the site to know the reason behind the crash and also the route where the crash occurred was announced to be closed for the next 24 hours until the investigators investigate the crash site. Police and the management are clearing up the wreckage at the site.

West Virginia Vietnamese-Era Chopper Accident CCTV Footage

The service authority of the Logan emergency ambulance stated that the helicopter belonged from the Vietnamese era and it was now used just for the tourist and the tourism. The name of the chopper was bell UH-1B Huey whose tail number was N98E. Now most whenever the chopper was used, it was used just for tourism and that’s it. According to a website and many others as well the helicopter was used in many films and for shoots. Apart from that, the helicopter was also taken in the Huey reunion 7th Annual celebrations, which was organized by Marpat Aviation. Accordingly, the event was held this week between Tuesday and Sunday.

West Virginia Helicopter Crash Victim Names

Luckily the helicopter wasn’t used by any official but the people who were in the helicopter lost their lives due to it. The helicopter that crashed was used in many films including the rock, Baywatch, and Die hard which were big entertainment projects. Apart from that National Highway safety, West Virginia state police and the National transportation safety board are all investigating the case. The Governor of West Virginia posted a tweet saying that he and his wife are praying for the victims and the families of the victims in the crash.


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