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VIDEO: Sokoto Girl Student Burnt & Killed, Video Viral On Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Reddit, Who Is She?

As per the recent reports a very hard breaking and shocking news is coming up from the college of Shehu Shagari, a female who was a student in this college and her name was Deborah Emmanuel was badly murdered however the reason of her mother as she was being accused by the Muslim and they were having a problem of blasphemy. Talking about her residence so she use to live in a local government area near niger state. As per the information she was murdered because she didn’t accept a proposal by Muslims who wanted to date her. After she denied dating this Muslim whose name was Prophet Muhammad. This whole incident becomes the reason for accusing her that she has insulted him. Follow Our website¬†TheGossipsWorld.com¬†for the latest updates!!!!!

Sokoto Girl Student Burnt & Killed Video

Sokoto Girl Student Burnt & Killed Video

There were a lot of students who were standing in front of the college when the whole incident was taking place then she was immediately taken for the safety and she got also removed from the security post from the school. As per the information she was also treated for the post of security and they were also giving a personal duty however a video is coming up on social media platforms and it is driving a lot of attention where the videos show that the victim was badly murdered and then it was burnt in front of everyone this particular video is hitting on a social media platform and getting viral these days.

Video Of The Girl Killed In Sokoto

After all days tragic incident took place in front of the college the whole administration of the college decided to close the whole Institution and declared it a holiday for all the students they announce this holiday immediately after this incident took place. And that particular video a boy was standing on he was shouting very badly. Investigators are drawing to solve this case and they are trying to reach the culprit.

Who Is The Sokoto Girl?

It is also said that in that video there is a voice note which was sent to this Christian girl where they all were complaining against her that how they treat Christians and take favors for Muslims and this is what this boy has done to this girl which has created a mess or over the college. This video was very dangerous meanwhile the person who burned was saying I have killed this girl and I am going to burn and it was seen that he was holding matchsticks in his hand.


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