VIDEO: Michael Clarke & Karl Stefanovic Full Fight Video!

A video went viral on the internet this week and it was mentioned that this video contained a fight that was between known or well-known people. As per the reports, this video was hot in Queensland, where Michael Clark was fighting verbally or disputing and he was then seen getting violent as well. Other than that the man is seen topless in the video and he also slapped one person as well. When this video went viral, people started mocking the cricketer online and they also spoke against him as well. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Michael Clarke & Karl Stefanovic Viral Fight Video

Michael Clarke & Karl Stefanovic Full Fight Video

Michael who was accused of cheating on his girlfriend later apologized for his actions. Stay tuned as we covered detail about this controversy. Michael Clarke is one of the former batsmen of Australia while he is a reputed player from the country. Earlier this week a video of him went viral where he is seen coming out of the house topless and then he was seen getting angry at his girlfriend and other people in the video as well.

Reports confirmed that the other person in the video was none other than Karl Stefanovic who was having dinner with his wife and the other couple. It was clear that the couple had an altercation and they fought, meanwhile Karl got in between and was slapped badly by Michael and he also cussed the talk show host as well. Reports have mentioned that Karl and his wife Jasmine Yarbrough, were having a vacation, and along with them were Michela and his girlfriend Jade Yarbrough who is sister of Jasmine.

Michael Clarke & Karl Stefanovic Viral Fight Video

While these two sisters and the two men were having dinner on their vacation, Jade took out a mobile and showed him texts that Michael had with his ex-partner. While in the altercation that was heard in the video, it was heard that Jade was shouting at Michel saying that he also had a physical relationship with his ex before Christmas. After this, the couple came out and they were fighting over this conversation.

Eventually, it was seen in the video that the couple were having a fight and Karl got in between, in the fight later Karl was beaten up by Michael, as Michael slapped Karla and later did not get in between him and his girlfriend. Later Jade however said that he can punch her but not him. This video or the conversation recorded in the video was low quality or blurry but the people in the video can be recognized through their blurry features. It seems like the couple were on vacation when they came across this dispute.

Michael Clarke & Karl Stefanovic Full Fight Video Explained

The video in no time gained a massive audience and it was everywhere on social media. Police from Queensland reported that they are looking for the situation in one report according to fox sports. While in another instance. Michael posted on his social media where he said that he apologizes for the controversy ongoing. He mentions that he will look forward to this situation and try to resolve it.

Whoever, his girlfriend on the other hand, Jade, mentioned on her socials that she is sure that Michael would not resolve the situation and that he would also not look forward to it, meanwhile, she said that is unresponsive about the relationship details about if she will be in a relationship furthermore with him or not.


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