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VIDEO: Congress Leader Rahul Gandhi Nightclub Party Video Viral & Leaked On Twitter, Instagram, YouTube & Reddit, Full Footage Link!

A very interesting and controversial video of Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is currently trending on the Internet where he can be seen in a nightclub. The video has already been tonight and the opposition is criticizing him for these actions. He was recently spotted in Nepal Kathmandu and he was enjoying himself in a night love and talking to many women. He is currently a member of parliament from Wayanad. Is a very interesting character and as we all know that hundreds of Facebook funny videos are available. And sometimes he is a piece of mockery for the political people. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Rahul Gandhi Party Video

Rahul Gandhi Party Video

Apparently he went to Nepal to attend a wedding ceremony office friend and it’s not a crime to attend the happy moments of your loved ones and people should understand that. Some BJP leaders already started making a joke of him and said that he was spotted in a nightclub in Mumbai and he was really inconsistent and drinking a lot of alcohol he should not be a prime ministerial candidate by the opposition as he could not handle himself.

Rahul Gandhi Nightclub Video Leaked & Viral

Politics can be really dirty sometimes and the opposition will try everything in their power to harm your reputation and this is the case here without knowing the real reason, they started attacking him. Also, some other news channels are saying that he might have a Chinese diplomat in Kathmandu at had a very long meeting with him but there has been no footage for evidence available regarding that contact. When the BJP leaders were making jokes about him.

Rahul Gandhi: Wikipedia & Biography

His party spokesperson defended him by saying that he did not go to Pakistan like Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it is not a crime to be at your friend’s wedding. The video is available on Twitter. And in the video, we can see that there are very colorful lights in a disco and he is talking to his female Nepalese friend and using his phone to record a video. The next elections are in 2024 and everybody has already started preparing for that things are going to get really dirty from hair and everybody d is going to impose accusations and arguments on other parties.


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