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VIDEO: City Girl’s JT Wardrobe Malfunction Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter, Reddit, Jatavia Shakara Johnson’s Instagram!

Recently Bill Boards music awards happened and everyone in the event looked outstanding. Some were criticized and some were appreciated for the kind of outfits they chose to wear. The special attention given this year was to City Girl’s Jt. The kind of dress she wore was obviously ravishing, but some of the Netizens pointed out a few points and that made a huge tide of chaos on the internet. Jatavia Shakara Johnson whose stage name is JT is recently getting trolled for the kind of dress she wore to the BBMA’s. She is a member of the city girls in which there are two members, JT and Yung Miami. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

City Girl’s JT Wardrobe Malfunction Video

City Girl’s JT Wardrobe Malfunction Video

Both of them attended the BBMA’s and both were looking stunning in their outfits. The girls walked onto the stage on announcing the winner of the music category. The pictures of her from this place were taken on the internet and she got trolled. Nobody on the internet noticed the thing, until, a user commented saying “ Why does nobody tell her to put her kitty away”. The user directly tagged the singer and mocked her about her dress. Many then came ahead and said various things about the singer’s dress. Many said that her dress was sheer and her private area was visible through her dress.

Who Is Jatavia Shakara Johnson? Instagram & Boyfriend

They also mocked her stylist and said to adjust and make the dress according to her height. Many people passed various comments on her dress and said things which are appropriate. One Twitter user said She is being swallowed by the dress. Some other users said, her stylist should know her height and check her before she gets on to the stage. Some other user brutally said I love city girls and JT the most but her styling need to go to hell for the kind of dress they gave her. All the silver is cute though but her vag**a is popping out..and that’s not cute.

Another user added, Why isn’t her dress fixed? She was off the screen for 15 seconds. Why didn’t anyone notice? The chaos went so viral that the thing went viral on Twitter and the drama was noticed by JT. She replied on Twitter to the account that said to put her kitty away. She replied to the account by saying relax I have black panties on. The rush then became quiet. The singer was clear and coll. She calmly replied to all the Tweets that mocked her, answered them, and cooled everything down in just one reply.


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