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Udaariyaan 18th August 2022, Today’s Full Written Episode Update, Jasmine’s Truth Disclosed In Front Of Tejo!

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Hello lovely writer! We are back with the written update of my favourite daily soap “Udaariyaan” of 18th August 2022. The storyline of the serial takes an interesting turn and pulls the attention of the people. So far we have watched that Amanpreet kidnap Fateh whereas Tejo goes to release him. Amanpreet asks her to come alone and due to this, she lies to her family that she is going to meet her friend. On the other side, Jasmine shows a fake report of pregnancy to Gurpreet and she asks her to get a quick consultancy from their family doctor after hearing this her face gets pale and she tries to refuse it but Gurpreet told her in a strict voice that she will not take any kind of risk with the Virk’s heir. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Udaariyaan 18th August 2022

Udaariyaan 18th August 2022

Now let’s see what new we will be going to watch and how Jasmine will save her this time or will Tejo be able to save Fateh from the hands of Amanpreet? The promo of the serial is released which begins with Jasmine who gets shocked after watching Tejo in her room. She just came out from the bathroom and watched Tejo holding her fake baby bump in her hands. She stands numb after watching that her truth is disclosed in front of her sister. Instead of feeling guilty for fooling them, she regrets that even after doing so many things in order to hide her fake pregnancy she failed and her truth comes out in front of her sister. In the meantime, Tejo is angry at Jasmine and began to confront her.

Udaariyaan Today’s Full Written Episode Update

She also cries at the same time at the thought of losing her dreams of playing with her child. Not only this but she also slaps Jasmine in her anger and began accusing her of laying as well as deceiving the entire Virk family by viewing them about her fake pregnancy and breaking the hope of their heir. But this time, Jasmine retaliates and slaps her back as she does not require to stop herself and now she can do anything as her truth is out and she has no more fear of anything. Tejo is shocked as well as angry and asks her why she did this to her family and what has they done to her for which she gives them this much pain.

In the meantime, furious Jasmine tells Tejo that she has destroyed her life and both the sisters began fighting Jasmine picks the flowerpot and hit her sister. That’s all for today we will be back with the written update of the next episode. Till then watch this episode of “Udaariyaan” on the Colors channel and be connected with us.


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