TIKTOK: Who Is Indy Clinton? Is Tiktok Star Pregnant Again In 2022? All Details Explored!

A woman named, Indy Clinton, is a pregnant lady at the age of 25 years. She is a resident of North beach in Sydney, Australia. She lives with her husband and a son. On the 2nd of August, she was telling her social media followers about standard parenting rules and she was trying to apply them all to her 1-year-old cute little toddler whom she calls made by some ways. She was intentionally pointing out her actual actions while parenting her son, the Navy. After her video about parenting has gone viral she gained numerous followers on her TikTok account. She had even posted a funny video talking to both of her children about ranting them together. She said this in her video in front of about 600,000 followers. She’s a young mother who posts videos about her children, their feeding habits, and how to change their behavior towards food. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Is Indy Clinton Pregnant Again In 2022?

Is Indy Clinton Pregnant Again In 2022?

She even posts videos related to her kids eating the things they don’t like in her creative ways. She was seen giving tips to young mothers about how to make their kids follow the actual diet and eat everything on their plate with whole interest. She started posting videos about discipline as well. She said that she will never try to punish her children for their disciplinary actions physically. She grew up in an environment where each indiscipline was treated with physical punishment. She believes that physical punishment is not meant to be the way for letting kids learn about anything.

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She knows that such kind of physical punishment will only cause future trauma to kids, and kids will be shy and reserved. Such kids would no longer want to share any of their life updates with their parents just by thinking of their reactions and violent responses. Secondarily, kids have their own choice whether they want any kind of physi6touch from any of their relatives or not. It’s completely their comfort and decision. She wants to teach kids about good and bad touch.

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When questions were raised about her forcing any of thimerosal to be eaten by her children, she replied that she won’t give chocolate instead of any of the food they don’t like but she wouldn’t even force them to eat anything that they don’t like for real. Later, in one of the restatements, she added she would never ask her kids to pay any of her bills. Yes, she’ll expect them to be self-dependent but won’t expect a single penny for her own, from their side.

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