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Thuto Dramaboi Ramaphaleng Died? Check Rapper Motswako Death Reason Cause, Alive or Dead, Obituary!

Hello guys, we have really shocking news Motswako is a Southern African genre of hip hop popular in South Africa. It consists of a mix of rap lyrics in both the local language (Setswana) and English layered on a steady beat. Other languages used include Sesotho, Zulu, and Afrikaans as per the rapper’s origin. The genre gained popularity in the late nineties as South African acts like HHP and Baphixile (consisting of “Prof” and “Blax Myth”) started rapping in Setswana, resulting in an increased following from the local population. Because of its reputation in South Africa, most of the upcoming artists use this genre as a base before they start their music careers because of its basic principles.

Rapper Dramaboi Cause Of Death

Rapper Dramaboi Cause Of Death

Dramaboi is a young Botswanan Motswako hip-hop artist from the townships whose fluid mastery of the English language and command of his mother-tongue Zulu. He tweeted that he should have died in an accident. Within the heart of African Hip-Hop lies a blend of cultures and traditions reflected through the artful use of smooth mixtures of languages, both native and foreign, and tongues both intimate and mainstream. Thuto Ricardo Ramphaleng, more commonly known by his stage name

Who Is Rapper Motswako? Wikipedia, Biography, Age

Conversation with Mama, the young rapper recreates a hopeful heart-to-heart between him and his mother, switching from English to Zulu to slang with ease, always using the right phrasing, language, and dialect to make his music flavorful and his message heard. The artist incorporates both English and Zulu in the second line, saying, “my life okare buka yabo things fall apart,” encompassing the theme of acculturation in Africa and possibly referring to the popular novel on European colonization.

He was nominated for the award for the best social media category in YAMAS this year. He grew up in an unstable family without a father and had to cross seven schools in elementary school, hence the name Dramaboi.Short slang expressions like, “ke godile,” make appearances throughout the song as the main lyrics alternate between half Zulu and half English bars with sprinkles of slang and Botswanan dialect. The work as a whole represents not only a story and situation intertwined with hope and pain. For additional insights and updates on trending news stick with TheGossipsWorld.


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