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T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule, Time Table, India Squad, Team List, Venue, Date!

Hello cricket enthusiasts as we all know T20 cricket fever is coming up next and we are going to see the biggest names in the cricketing world during the cricket World Cup of the T20 format held in UAE as you all know the world cup was supposed to be held in India but due to the Covid situation in the country the venue was shifted to UAE like the IPL tournament was shifted earlier. We are going to tell you about the schedule and the groups of the competition and other details.

T20 World Cup 2021 Schedule

T20 World Cup Venue 2021

The West Indies are the current defending champions of the World T20 World Cup and they dominate the world cup when it was last held in 2016 in India now it has been five years since the T20 World Cup was held and it will be a cricketing treat for the audience as the next world cup will be held very soon. But talking about this world cup we have a lot of big teams and some underdog project to qualify for the group stages.

The T20 World Cup Venue 2021 has four stadiums in the UAE and Oman. The stadiums where the event is going to take place include Dubai International Stadium, Sharjah Stadium, Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi and Oman Cricket Academy Ground. We will be able to see India versus Pakistan the most celebrated arrival Re in Sporting history. We will be able to see India versus Pakistan on 25th October as it is going to be a delight for all the viewers.That campaign will start on 17th October 2021 

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Group Team List

Round 1Group AGroup B
Sri Lanka, Ireland, the Netherlands, and NamibiaBangladesh, Scotland, Papua New Guinea, and Oman
Round 2Group AGroup B
England, Australia, South Africa, West Indies, Winner Group A, and Runner-Up group B.India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Afghanistan, Runner-Up group A and Winner Group B

T20 World Cup Schedule 2021

Match DateTeamsMatch Time (IST)Match Venue
17 October 2021Oman vs Papua New Guinea3:30 PMOman
17 October 2021Bangladesh vs Scotland7:30 PMOman
18 October 2021Ireland vs Netherlands3:30 PMAbu Dhabi
18 October 2021Sri Lanka vs Namibia7:30 PMAbu Dhabi
19 October 2021Scotland vs Papua New Guinea3:30 PMOman
19 October 2021Oman vs Bangladesh7:30 PMOman
20 October 2021Namibia vs Netherlands3:30 PMAbu Dhabi
20 October 2021Sri Lanka vs Ireland7:30 PMAbu Dhabi
21 October 2021Bangladesh vs Papua New Guinea3:30 PMOman
21 October 2021Oman vs Scotland7:30 PMOman
22 October 2021Namibia vs Ireland3:30 PMSharjah
22 October 2021Sri Lanka vs Netherlands7:30 PMSharjah
23 October 2021Australia vs South Africa3:30 PMAbu Dhabi
23 October 2021England vs West Indies7:30 PMDubai
24 October 2021A1 vs B23:30 PMSharjah
25 October 2021India Vs Pakistan7:30 PMDubai
25 October 2021Afghanistan vs B17:30 PMSharjah
26 October 2021South Africa vs West Indies3:30 PMDubai
26 October 2021Pakistan vs New Zeland7:30 PMSharjah
27 October 2021England vs B23:30 PMAbu Dhabi
27 October 2021B1 vs A27:30 PMAbu Dhabi
28 October 2021Australia vs A17:30 PMDubai
29 October 2021West Indies vs B23:30 PMSharjah
29 October 2021Afghanistan vs Pakistan7:30 PMDubai
30 October 2021South Africa vs A13:30 PMSharjah
30 October 2021England vs Australia7:30 PMDubai
31 October 2021Afghanistan vs A23:30 PMAbu Dhabi
31 October 2021India vs New Zealand7:30 PMDubai
01 November 2021England vs A17:30 PMSharjah
02 November 2021South Africa vs B23:30 PMAbu Dhabi
02 November 2021Pakistan vs A27:30 PMAbu Dhabi
03 November 2021New Zealand vs B13:30 PMDubai
03 November 2021India vs Afghanistan7:30 PMAbu Dhabi
04 November 2021Australia vs B23:30 PMDubai
04 November 2021West Indies vs A17:30 PMAbu Dhabi
05 November 2021New Zealand vs A23:30 PMSharjah
05 November 2021India vs B17:30 PMDubai
06 November 2021Australia vs West Indies3:30 PMAbu Dhabi
06 November 2021England vs South Africa7:30 PMSharjah
07 November 2021New Zealand vs Afghanistan3:30 PMAbu Dhabi
07 November 2021Pakistan vs B17:30 PMSharjah
08 November 2021India vs A27:30 PMDubai
10 November 2021A1 vs B27:30 PMAbu Dhabi
11 November 2021A2 vs B17:30 PMDubai
14 November 2021Winner of SF-1 vs Winner of SF-27:30 PMDubai

In the grand finale of the tournament will be played on 14th November 2021 and the winner will be decided. West Indies are currently that two time champions of the trophy and no one has won the honor of achieving it twice. A lot of expectations after India after reaching the semi finale of the one day international world cup and the finale of test Cricket Championship. It is really a big question that will Virat Kohli able to win his first ICC trophy and lead the team to glory. For more latest updates and information stick with TheGossipsWorld.


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