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SUSPECT: Who Were Chihuahua Javier Campos & Joaquín Mora? Two Jesuit Priests & Tour Guide Found Killed In Mexico, Suspect Name!

A shocking and dreadful piece of news is coming from Mexico where the corpse of priests and tour guides were discovered after two days they were assassinated inside the church. This news stirred up the entire social media and people wanted to know more about it. So far it is got to know that this news filled anger amongst the citizens and they want justice for the victims. Meanwhile, netizens want to know a deep look inside the case and look for authentic information. So keep this blog carefully to know the details about it. As per informed by officials on Wednesday that 2 days after a tour guide and 2 priests were shot in a church which is in Mexico and their dead bodies were taken away but now the bodies were found and reduced. The 79-years-old, priest named Javier Campos and an 81-years-old priest named Joaquin Mora were gunned down and killed in the town of Cerocahui. The incident happened on Monday, 20th June 2022. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Two Jesuit Priests, Tour Guide Found Killed In Mexico

Who Were Chihuahua Javier Campos & Joaquín Mora?

During the investigation, the police found that the shooting happened after the 2 priests attempted to defend a man who was looking for a refuge, as per order, also known as the Society of Jesus. The chased was man recognised as a tour guide whose named was Pedro Palma who also assassinated and his body was detract with those of the 2 priests. Maru Campos the state governor of Chihuahua later asserted that the bodies of the 3 men had been discovered. Maru Campos stated in a video that was uploaded online that “We have somehow managed to find and recover…

Two Jesuit Priests, Tour Guide Found Killed In Mexico

The corpses of the Jesuit priests Joaquin Mora, Javier Campos, and of the tour guide named Pedro Palma”. The recognition of the sufferers was asserted by the forensic experts, whereas the office of the state prosecutors declared the reward of around $250,000 for the details directing to the capture of the claimed killer. The office stated that for the first time in the history of the state, it was the really highest reward given by the state. The police authorities have discovered as a suspect in this terrible crime Jose Noriel Portillo Gil aka “El Chueco”. This suspect is already on the wanted list of the state over the killing of an American tourist in the year 2018.

Who Is The Suspect?

The office of the prosecutor stated on Wednesday that prior to the killings, the suspect had attacked 2 other individuals after a dispute over the baseball match. She later abducted Palma, who somehow managed to flee and ran into the church in order to get aid. The Catholic Multimedia Center of the church stated that 7 priests have been killed under the present administration, which took office in the month of December 2018, and at least 2 dozen under the ex-President, who took office in the year 2012. In the year 2016, 3 priests were assassinated within a week and this incident too happened in Mexico.


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