Snoop Dogg Health: What Happened To Snoop Dogg? “After much consideration & conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke”….!!!

Snoop Dogg Health: Snoop Dogg has come into a huge limelight and got a lot of queries just after he shared an Instagram post. Celebrity figures are always public figures and people react to all their small activities. Snoop Dogg has also now been caught in the limelight due to his one recent post that has hilarious the viewers. The post is unbelievable and also raised a lot of concerns in the minds of his fans regarding his health. The rapper had recently shared a post saying that he is quitting smoking forever and the post is now spreading like a fire raising huge amounts of questions.

Snoop Dogg Health
Image Source: CNBC

Snoop Dogg Health

Snoop Dogg recently shared a post on Instagram that he is quitting smoking forever and it came as a shock to the audience as well as a huge question about his health condition. The reason for leaving smoke could be bad health conditions and everyone is asking the same. 

Snoop Dogg was the biggest supporter of Marijuana and the cannabis culture and how it helps a human mentally and psychologically heal. The biggest supporter of Cannabis culture who has attended a smoke session recently with the former president is not taking a departure from it.

This news also raises a huge concern about his health. People want to know about his health and if he is fine or not. The audience wants to know about it very eagerly for the reasons behind this announcement. And a huge sign goes as a reason for a major health disease that he might be suffering from. 

About Snoop Dogg Announcement

Snoop Dogg is a popular rapper and on Thursday, he took his Instagram where he shared a shocking post. He posted his black-and-white image of smoking and added it with the words ” After Much Consideration And Conversation With My Family, I’ve Decided To Give Up Smoke. Please Respect My Privacy At This Time”. 

Snoop Dogg Health
Image Source: Today Show

As soon as the post was shared, it created a huge buzz all over the social media platforms. He has declared his decision to quit smoking at the age of 52 years which is raising questions related to his bad health conditions.

Snoop Dogg History Of Smoking 

Snoop Dogg was a big supporter of Marijuana and Smoking. He used to give smoking sessions and encourage people to have it with all the fun as it can heal you mentally and psychologically.

He was a Marijuana advocate and well-known Cannabis supporter. Recently he had a smoke session with a former president that also became popular with the public. Recently singer Ed Sheeran had also shared his experience of smoking with Snoop Dogg in Australia in his dressing room. The singer also detailed it saying “Blunt for blunt for blunt”. Ed is not a smoker but he shared his experience as an “intoxicating experience”.

The announcement has come after Ed’s statement and there is no defined relationship between this yet. Snoop is popular with his “Drop It Like It’s Hot” and became a supporter of Marijuana. Now he announced that he will quit smoking forever at the age of 52 years. 


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