Is Sir Bradley Wiggins Net Worth Really £13 Million? Reportedly At Risk Of Bankruptcy!

Sir Bradley Wiggins Net Worth: Sir Bradley Wiggins is known as one of the richest athletes in the Olympics. He is one of the most talented and well known British cyclists. He is very well known for making a huge career in cycling. Even after retiring from cycling, he is still a legend in the British Olympics. He has made a successful career in just a few years of his career. He is currently 43 years old and made a higher income from his career as well. He has also earned a lot of achievements and titles that make him richer. Here we are going to declare his Net Worth and everything he has.

Sir Bradley Wiggins Net Worth
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Sir Bradley Wiggins Net Worth

Sir Bradley Wiggins is a British legendary road and track racing cyclist. He has achieved a huge name and many worldwide records due to his talent and excellent performances in the road and track cycling races. 

His achievements are countable and he has also earned a lot from his career in cycling and racing. His net worth is counted as more than £13 Million which he has earned from his all-time career in the British Olympics.

With this much net worth, he became the richest British cyclist and the third richest British Olympian after Andy Murray and Justin Rose. His success and achievements are the reflection of his talent and the hard work he has put into his career.

Sir Bradley Wiggins Life And Career 

Sir Bradley Wiggins was born on 28th April 1980 in Ghent, Belgium. His father, Gary was an Australian but his mother, Linda was British. His father was also a professional cyclist and specialized in 6-day racing. 

He was raised in London with his mother. He was interested in cycle racing from childhood and participated in his first race at the age of 12. After that, he took part in bike racing when he was in elementary school and made a record for winning a bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in a team. 

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In 1999 he participated in a 3km race of solo pursuit at the junior track world championships in Cuba. His career as a cyclist started from here on the international level and he made many achievements after this, which makes him one of the best British cyclists ever.

Sir Bradley Wiggins Achievements

Sir Bradley Wiggins has earned a large number of achievements at the international level during his whole cycling career. His awards started with a bronze medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in team pursuit. After that, he set a record for winning all four medals in a single Olympic.

Just after four years of a bronze medal, he won four medals, gold, silver and bronze in a single Olympics that made a record in the whole of British history. He also won 1 stage at Giro d’Italia and 2 stages at the Tour de France in 2012. He became the national road champion in 2011 and won a gold medal in the Brazil Olympics.

Sir Bradley Wiggins: FAQ

Who Is Sir Bradley Wiggins?

Sir Bradley Wiggins is one of the most talented and well known British cyclists known as a British legendary road and track racing cyclist. He has earned 5 golds and many other achievements throughout his long career and became one of the most successful British cyclists.

What Is Sir Bradley Wiggins Net Worth?

Sir Bradley Wiggins’s net worth is around £13 Million.

Who Is Sir Bradley Wiggins Wife?

Sir Bradley Wiggins was married to Catherine Wiggins but they got separated after 16 years of marriage and he is now reportedly dating his PR executive Laura Hartshorne.

When Did Sir Bradley Wiggins Get Retired?

Sir Bradley Wiggins retired from all forms of professional cycling on 28 December 2016.


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