Sehaj Arora Podcast With Anmol Kwatra About Viral Video, Kullad Pizza Couple Talks About What Exactly Happened?

Sehaj Arora Podcast: The popular kulhad pizza couple Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur is a well-known personality around the whole nation. They are the pioneers of making kulhad pizza a popular dish all around India. The way they sell kulhad pizza has helped them to gain much more attention and made them a huge social media sensation. They are most commonly known as the cute kulhad pizza couple. Recently, they were at the centre of a huge controversy where the extremely private moments of the couple were leaked to the social media platforms. Now, during a podcast, Sehaj Arora had openly talked about the whole incident.

Sehaj Arora Podcast
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Sehaj Arora Podcast

Sehaj Arora is one of the popular entrepreneurs who has made a huge name with his business of selling pizza. He runs his business with his wife Gurpreet Kaur. The way they sell pizzas in kulhad using amazing dialogues and fun makes them popular all around the nation and the trend of kulhad pucca rose after that.

They were recently in a huge limelight after their private videos went viral on the social media platform and people started sharing and commenting on her videos in a huge amount making it a huge viral among all the social media platforms.

Recently Sehaj Arora went to a podcast that was hosted by Anmol Kwatra. The podcast was meant to talk with Sehaj Arora about all the efforts he had made in his life to become this Successful entrepreneur. It was meant to get inside the life of this social media sensation and successful businessman.

Sehaj Arora Accepted The Viral Content 

Sehaj Arora Podcast
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In his recent podcast where Sehaj was invited to talk about his personal life and success, he was having a fun chat with the host Anmol Kwatra. He talked about everything about his plans and how he started his journey that has now reached to this level.

He also talked about his personal life and the love of social media fans that gave them a huge name and fame. He talked about social media and its both good and bad sides. While sharing his journey and experience, also mentioned the incident of their private viral video that was the biggest tragedy for the couple.

He accepted that it all happened because of his mistake and it was a problem on his side. He also accepted everything about the Viral video incident and said that social media has taught him a lot after that incident. Last month, his private video was leaked with his wife which created a huge Controversy in their life. He accepted all the falses and promised that this kind of mistake would never be repeated and thanked his fans for being his biggest support.


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