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SCANDAL: Who Is RASHA BSEIS Video Leaked & Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit Link, Who Is She, Instagram & Boyfriend!

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News is coming up where we are seeing that Rasha Bseis’s video is going viral only social media platform Twitter Reddit nowadays where this video shows that a man is going to the zoo to see some other animals but the last animal took his life it is seen that he tries to save the tiger and put him out of the danger but the tiger attack him and he died on this spot. Tune in with us for more updates. You heard it right this man price to save the tiger but got killed and Attacked by the tiger talking further about this incident this happened. Follow our website TheGossipsWorld.com for more updates!!

Who Is Rasha Bseis?

Who Is Rasha Bseis?

On Thursday morning he made a plan to visit teach so but for some reason he wasn’t able to go as because of his busy work schedule after some time he decided to go to the so so he was caring his camera some food and his back as he was taking every shot and taking pictures of these animals but when he tries to take a photo of this Tiger the tiger attack him and he died on the spot. According to the people present there, he was very far from the audience but after this incident happened there were a lot of people.

Rasha Bseis Viral & Leaked Video

And police reached the place and short this animal talking about the tiger it was an 8-year-old tiger and his name was Eko. The so the train is used to call him by this name and he used to listen to them very nicely and follow every rule of the trainer We all know that the tiger is a very dangerous animal and we should maintain a distance from him even if it is a trained animal but after this happen incident Eko died. As the official also wrote on that Twitter account about this Tiger incident and how this tiger attacked this man at Naples zoo at Caribbean Garden

Rasha Bseis: Wikipedia, Instagram

After this incident the man was dead and the polar shot the animal on this Wednesday evening. Today’s incident many the social media people are trying to search this particular video but as of now there is no related and current video and no one has uploaded a ticket on the internet if someone tries to upload it on social media platform he will be taken to the custody for violating the rules and regulation and if you are one who finds anyone so then please inform us that platform will also delete it.


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