RIP: Who Were Dylan Langridge & Trevor Davis? Missing Dugald Mine Workers Found Dead, What Happened?

Hello, readers, we are here as we want to inform you that 2 persons who are considered to be minors are missing after mine was being collapsed in Australia and both of them have passed away both of them are coming into controversy and now people are coming up to pay them tribute on the social media platform you might be wondering to know that what is the matter all about so make sure you will be going to read this article till last as we are here updating about this terrific incident that took place on Wednesday. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Dylan Langridge & Trevor Davis Workers Found Dead

Who Were Dylan Langridge & Trevor Davis?

Dylan Langridge 33 and Trevor Davis, who is 36 years old both of them were driving what is said to be the underground in Queensland know their families are completely devastated when they came to know that they both had fallen into this void on Wednesday they were missing at an underground zinc mine is not then Queensland investigation was going on and the Managing Director and Chief Executive that they both have passed away.

Dylan Langridge & Trevor Davis Workers Found Dead

Then their family is were being informed they were completely devastated as losing beloved family members is not an easy task we would like to offer them peace and privacy at this moment as we would like to focus on providing their families full support the man was driving a utility vehicle when the ground collapsed and caused them to fall into this stove as it was a large hole which was used to extract the ore about hundred meters below the ground.

What Happened To Dylan Langridge & Trevor Davis?

A drilling rig was also felling into the 25 m deep stop operator was being rescued and treated for minor injuries the rescue teams were being called and they were highly trained but unfortunately they train for situations like this. Talking about their funeral details so as of now there is no further information that has been given to us regarding their ceremony but we make sure to keep you guys informed and we will be updating this page as soon as possible whenever we will be getting enough information.

We would like to offer the whole family sympathy and condolence so that they can face the bad days ahead as losing someone is never easy we can realise that we are blessed to have been able to share in their life wishing you the best and know you have our full support in every moment we are thinking of you and your family sending caring thoughts your way to support you through this the family won’t be the same without them we are truly sorry for the loss.


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