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RIP: Who Was Adibah Noor & Cause Of Death, Malaysian Actor & Singer Dead At 51, Husband, Funeral & Obituary!

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Adibah Noor Malaysian Actress and Singer died at the age of 51. The news of the death was shared by AC MIzal who is also an actor and his wife. Adibah was widely loved and appreciated by many people. She had fans in Malaysia and Singapore as well. It is said that the singer died on the 18th of June. She is considered one of the most celebrated and well-known legends of Malaysia. Many celebrities who knew her and people who grew up listening to her are paying tribute to the singer. She was also paid tribute by many Malaysian big personalities. Let us know in detail about Adibah her life and the cause of her death. AC Mizal an actor from Malaysia said while reporting the death, Yes, it is true that Adibah is no more. While adding more to it he said, Adibah Noor is no more, I got this news from Datuk Zainal Abidin’s wife as we are close friends to the Adibah. His wife as well reported the death and said that Adibah died in the hospital. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Adibah Noor Death Reason

Adibah Noor Death Reason

Adibah died on the 18th of June 2022, Saturday. Many people either it is celebrities or normal ones paid tribute to her and also recalled some of the best songs from her career. many celebrities recalled the way she interacted and her Warm Personality. While posting a picture of Adibah on his Instagram story, an actor from Singapore, Suhaimi Yusof said that Adibah was a close, old friend. Many Singapore big personalities as well shared the death news of Adibah and also paid tribute to her. Singapore TV personality Shahrizai Salleh also shared a quote in the memory of Adibah and wrote, She was a mega star and she treated me like her best friend when I was nobody.

Adibah Noor: Wikipedia & Biography

Shahrizai is more commonly known by her stage name, Chef Bob. While talking about Adibah and recalling moments along with her, Malaysian comedian, Harith Iskander said I can’t believe what had happened? I am in true shock. She was pure and never fooled when it comes to her vocals. She was a true vocalist and perfectionist as well. In 2010. Adibah performed at Harith’s wedding Speaking of Adibah’s death cause, it was out that Adibah died because of ovarian cancer. It is out that she was in hospital which is in Kuala Lumpur and she died at the hospital itself. Adibah started her career in 1995, and before becoming a singer she was an English teacher. She had three albums in her name.

Adibah Noor: Funeral & Obituary

As she was an actor as well, she acted in more than 15 movies and appeared in several television dramas as well. She also worked in several theatre productions and before that she worked at corporate jobs as well. According to many of the reports she kept her sickness a secret from the limelight she was in. Adibah is said to be sent to her father’s house for the funeral rituals which are in Keramat Permai, according to many sources. One of her well-known roles was as a housekeeper in Kak Yam, she looked charming and beautiful in that role and was recognized for that role. It is been said that from this Ramadan she was losing weight and changes were seen physically in her body.


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