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RIP: What Was Korey Kesici Cause Of Death? He Was Killed On Bangalore Way In Mickleham, Suspect, Funeral & Obituary!

A murder was attempted when two young men tried to kill Korey Kesici and police are suspecting that the attempt was pre-planned. Two young men, armed tried to kill the victim. Korey, who left Bangalore on Thursday was said to have a discussion with some unidentified men before he left. Police declared it an organized attack. Korey Kesici was killed when he left Bangalore way in Mickleham. The incident occurred on Thursday after he left his house to go around 12:05 am. The Current Assistant commissioner said that Kesici had a short conversation with men in his BMW Sedan. The police are suspecting in every way possible. Was the murder planned by himself? Find out more.  Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Korey Kesici Death Reason

Korey Kesici Death Reason

The deceased was only 22 when he died. Kesici was shot multiple times leaving no chance to survive the attack on him. As expected the shot was deadly enough and Kesici was left behind dead. The incident occurred near the St. George’s church and a BMW was left near the crime spot. Police said that the car was used in committing the crime. Commissioner said that- it is understood the criminals came in the car and shot the victim multiple times and surely they were many. Also, the car which was found to be used to commit the crime is suspected.

Korey Kesici: Wikipedia & Biography

Police officials said that the crime was perfectly planned and no chance for him to survive and any elements to suspect were left. As the car was burned down and all the elements were burnt. Police also said that the men were on a run to commit a crime and they were planned very precisely. They were Nine in total, it might go wrong as it is just a suspicion. The elements are burned and the car too.

Korey Kesici: Funeral & Obituary

But the forensic department is working hard to make things possible and find some clues to find the lead and get to the criminals. Police are also finding any witnesses who might have seen any person or any clue related to the crime committed. The CCTV Footage near the area is also taken under consideration, as it might have any lead-related or the faces might get captured. Web reports will be updated soon and a report will be updated at the crime stoppers. Soon there will be more updates out, and we will be updated with them.


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