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RIP: What Was Gia Pastion Cause Of Death? TikToker From Canada Dead At 19, Age, Funeral & Obituary!

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Gia Pastion a well-known influencer from Canada passed away recently and her family was the ones who announced her death. Her family announced that Gia passed away at the age of 19. Gia was an active influencer on TikTok and her sudden passing has made everyone question what the cause of her death is? The tragic news of the passing of Gia was announced on social media by her own family. Gia announced a day before her death that she had some plans for her posting on TikTok, and she was planning for it. Let us learn in detail about how the influencer died? Many teenagers these days are on social media and they are striving every day to survive on social media and stand apart from the other crowd, while some made cringe content and got famous, while some others were really putting in their efforts to make something worthy to watch on the internet. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

Gia Pastion Death Reason

Gia Pastion Death Reason

Gia was a teenager who used to strive on social media and she really used to put in hard work and passion in her videos. On TikTok she had 50,000 followers on this platform Gia used to post skit videos and cooking videos as well. She was waiting for her next videos to be uploaded son. According to her followers Gia was all planned to release her next cooking videos and was set to release them as planned and promised to her followers. Which says that her death was not a suicide attempt. Gia passed away on the 11th of June 2022. Her family announced the demise news through social media. They posted a story on Gia’s Instagram and said that Gia passed away on the 11th of June 2022.

Gia Pastion: Wikipedia & Biography

Although the family were announcing her death news, nothing about the cause of her death has been revealed yet. Gia was a food lover and she often used to share the food love with her followers as well. With a followers list of 50ka and above, Gia also grabbed nearly 1.4 million likes on her TikTok account overall. Many of her fans were really shocked when they heard about the news of the death of Gia.  Her death news was shared my followers of hers and many flooded her Instagram and TikTok posts with comments and condolences to the family of Gia. One of the TikTok user said, Gia was a phenomenal and talented soul, she inspired thousands of followers through her TikTok.

Gia Pastion: Funeral & Obituary

She was a beautiful soul. Rest in paradise beautiful. Many influencers as well have shared the news of her demise, and one of the influencers from TikTok named Jayroy Makokis also shared the news by telling, my prayers and condolences to the family. I am keeping them in my prayers. Jayroy is an American Native TikToker. Speaking about Gia her family’s whereabouts are not known, although it is been said that she is an American who is a resident of Canada. Condolences to the family of Gia for the loss of their pretty and young daughter, Gia.


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