RIP: TikTok Duo Enkyboys’ Father RANDY GONZALEZ Death Reason, How Did He Die? Funeral & Obituary!

Here is a quick update about something which is grabbing a lot of attention in Italy Enki’s boy’s father shared something which is very important and it is related to the cancer progress this particular thing came up on Tuesday, August to confirmed this thing through his social media platform and one of the oncologist came up that the tumours are decreasing day by day and now it is a matter of concern. Make sure you will be reading this article tell last to know about the exact matter. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

TikTok Duo Enkyboys' Father Randy Gonzalez Dead

Randy Gonzalez Cause Of Death

So as we all know he was diagnosed with colon cancer 6 months back he was 34 years old. Randy Gonzalez, belongs to the Houston area and he came confidently explaining that he is fighting a battle with his life as well as with this dangerous disease on April 12 2018 he also revealed some of the important facts related to his life that his life expectancy according to the oncologist is only between two or three years maximum.

TikTok Duo Enkyboys’ Father Randy Gonzalez Dead

However, he also came up mentioning about his potential that he could also live up to 5 years only if he will be going to take some chemotherapy his family were completely devastated the verse knowing this fact but they started receiving some of the funds for his therapy and treatment from the University of Texas MD Anderson which is a Cancer Centre located in Houston as we know that he is quite famous on his social media platform.

How Did Randy Gonzalez Die?

So he will be getting his treatment from one of the top cancers hospitals which are located in Texas everyone in his family came up expressing their gratitude towards the people who were helping as well as making prayers for him because of his well being however now they also came up thanking everyone that how his tumours are decreasing day by day it was all because of the gratitude of the people out there and now Randy along with his son Brice is coming up making some of the funniest videos on the social media platform.

They are getting immense love and support for their video the first video that they released together was in the month of November 2019 and they were featured on good morning America as well as Yahoo lifestyle and other media outlets. We are glad that he has recovered from a very painful as well as a dangerous disease we will make sure to keep you guys updated more about him till then stay tuned to know and follow us for more recent updates.


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