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Quebec Boxer DAVID LEMIEUX’S Father Dead, What Happened To Him? Reason Explained!

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The news of death, whether it is of your own person or someone else’s, is always painful. Only those people can feel the pain of losing someone who recently lost their loved ones. One such family is going through this pain and crying on the demise. The most heartbreaking thing is that the person lost his life in a shooting, not because of natural reasons. As per the latest report, David Lemieux Father passed away in a shooting which has happened in Montreal. One of the 2 individuals shot and assassinated in Montreal was the father of the boxer. The fans are sad to hear the passing news of Andre Lemieux who was the biological father of David Lemieux. Follow Our website¬†TheGossipsWorld.com¬†for the latest updates!!!!!

What Happened To David Lemieux's Father?

Quebec Boxer David Lemieux’s Father Dead

As per Montreal cops, there is no doubt that a similar individual assassinated 2 men in different open firing that occurred at a similar hour which has happed on the night of Tuesday, 2nd August 2022. The real father of the boxer left Aznive Khavloudjian the mother of David prior to he was even born. After that, her mother tied the wedding knot with Garo Melekian who is an American man. Fortunately, his stepfather was not assassinated in the shootout on Wednesday, 3rd August 2022 which happened in Saint Laurent which is located at Ahuntic Cartierville.

What Happened To David Lemieux’s Father?

But unfortunately, his biological father was assassinated. His real father left his mother of David prior to the birth of the boxer. The duo had a child prior to that they parted their ways. The stepfather raised the children of Aznive and Andre. His real father already left the duty of the father before his birth. His stepfather informed him to concentrate, he started training at Ring 83 of Ahuntsic at the apple of a boxer named Baha Laham. His mother was raised up at the time of the battle in Lebanon.

Who Is David Lemieux?

David Lemieux a professional boxer who hailed from Quebec is stated to lose his biological father named Andre on Wednesday, 3rd August 2022. The boxer wrote “Rest In Peace. Dad” on his IG account in order to pay tribute to his biological father. As we already mentioned above, on 2nd August, 2 men lost their lives in different shootings which have happened in Montreal. The firing occurred within 1 hour of each other and police are assuming that this crime has been committed by the same gunman. The police already investigating the matter and looking for more proof. According to the police, at 09:45 PM the voice of bullets was heard close to Deguire Boulevards and Jules Poitras.


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