How Did Pearl Kapur Become India’s Youngest Billionaire At The Age Of 27? Unveiling Net Worth And Various Income Sources!

Pearl Kapur Net Worth: Indian people are growing rapidly in the field of business and entrepreneurship and it is not wrong to say that the country is now successfully able to produce bosses rather than servants. Pearl Kapur is one of those legends of Indian origin, who was successfully able to become the youngest billionaire in the country and entered his name into the world records at the age of 27 years. He is popularly known as the owner and founder of Zyber 365 Technologies Ltd which was a successful Web3. Here we have all the information about the youngest billionaire in India. 

Pearl Kapur Net Worth
Image Source: The Economic Times

Pearl Kapur Net Worth

Pearl Kapur is recently in a huge discussion after his achievement of being the youngest billionaire of the year. He is a London graduate of MSC in investment marketing and through his efficiency and strong knowledge in the technical field, he was successfully able to achieve an income of around $1.1 billion. He became the youngest billionaire in India having a Net Worth of around 9,129 crore at the age of 27 years.

He is the owner and founder of a startup company named Zyber 365 and he has the maximum shares in the company of 90 percent. He started the company having headquarters in London and operations in Ahmedabad Gujrat in 2023 and within a very short amount of time, his company was able to earn $1.2 billion which is around 9,840 crore.

 Pearl Kapur Career And Success

Pearl Kapur originally belonged to India and he completed his master’s from London Queen Mary University with an MSC in investment banking. After some time he founded a small startup named Zyber 365 Technologies Ltd which is mainly a Web3 startup. He mainly introduced a formidable force in the fields of Blockchain Technology and Cybersecurity AI Ecosystems. He presented a future vision where technologies like blockchain, AI, Cybersecurity, and all these technologies are coupled together with some unique practices that can empower the global economy and he marked it with the term ‘Globalization 2.0’. 

Pearl Kapur Net Worth
Image Source: News18

After his degree, he served some of his initial years as a financial advisor at AMPM Store and Business Advisor for Antier Solutions. He has always had a passion for innovating something for this world and in 2022 he founded Billion Pay Technologies Pvt Ltd after getting some experience he founded Zyber 365 as a small startup having headquarters in London and its operating location in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. His company earned a revenue of $1.2 billion in just 9 months making him the youngest billionaire in the nation. The company got this success under the leadership of Pearl Kapur and he has 90% of its shares. 

Pearl Kapur FAQ

Who Is Pearl Kapur?

Pearl Kapur is a successful Indian entrepreneur who is the founder and owner of Zyber 365 Technologies Ltd, currently remarked as the youngest billionaire in India.

What Is The Net Worth Of Pearl Kapur?

Pearl Kapur has a net worth of $1.1 billion as of 2023.

Who Are Pearl Kapur’s Parents?

Pearl Kanpur’s father is Vipin Puri and their mother is Pummy Puri.


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