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Latterly, a track has been moving on trending because of its love & romantic content & likewise passionate lyrics. Well, we are addressing the well-known Punjabi artist, B Praak’s latterly launched track titled “Baarish Ki Jaaye”. The track is conquering the hearts of billions as the people has present loads of appreciation under the comment part alongside a massive quantity of views. The song’ clip which is released by the producers is producing a roar as it related to a true love story. So let us reveal to you regarding Kaushalya Devi & Bharat Thakur on whom the complete tale of the track is related. 

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Baarish Ki Jaaye Real Story

Bharat Thakur And Kaushalya Devi’s Real Love Story

Being launched on March 27th 2021, the track starrer a very competent artist, Nawajuddin Siddiqui whereas the lady main star cast on the other side of the artist is another Punjabi artist identified as Sunanda Sharma. The couple has charmed a huge amount of individuals by their exciting presentation in the clip. Currently, toward the ending of the track’s music clip, it is presented that the starred artist is representing the artist of Bharat Thakur & Kaushalya Devi. 

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Well, they are the true artist who fell in love with one another & introduced a great element of love. Animated by a real story, Baarish Ki Jaaye states the tale of two couple called Bharat & Kaushaaya. This is the tale of Old Delhi where Kaushalya used to stay with her grandma. Her folks have passed away the years preceding & she stayed alone with her grandmother. 

Who Are Bharat Thakur And Kaushalya Devi? Wikipedia Biography

Kaushalya’s subconscious situation was sick therefore her grandmother used to emphasise over her a lot because of who would handle her and take caring of her later her passing. Considering Kaushalya had no siblings in the family, Grandmother’s anxiety remained growing. Whereas, Kaushalya & Grandmother’s tale joins as a teenager called Bharat Thakur. Bharat unexpectedly face-off Kaushlaya & quickly happens in love with her whereas the recently furthermore feels for him. Eventually, they tied the knot to one another & built a model of how love views no characteristics if the souls join. 

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Not just Kushalya stayed in a pleasant life by receiving the genuine place of a bride, though Bharat furthermore dealt with Kaushalya’s dadi’s too. Following a couple of years, the wife gave birth to 2 kids. “Baarish Ki Jaaye” describes a relatable tale with small variations in it. Because it is the initial-historically music clip of Nawajuddin Siddiqui, it’s gaining a heap of praise from his followers. Watch the track on YouTube when that you haven’t viewed it yet and we are moreover provided it below and for more latest updates and information stay connected with us.

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