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MISSING: Who Is Tea Wright Finger? Last Video Of Missing Teen, Age, Family, Parents & More!

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A Missing teen who went missing a week ago and was last seen by her friend was seen posting a video on TikTok where she opened about up about her life. This video was posted days ago before she disappeared and the video is kind of disturbing for many people. The teen who went missing about a week ago was last seen by her friend who dropped her off after that, there was no update from her and also the police as well were searching for her. This case was shocking for many people and the video was shared by many. Let us learn more in detail about this video and also learn about the girl in detail as well. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Tea Wright Finger Last Video

Who Is Tea Wright Finger?

Tea Wright finger was a girl from Far North Queensland who was last seen by her friend last week and dropped off after which Tea was nowhere to be found. Now an update was revealed regarding this case, the girl who went missing actually kept a terrifying message through a video released online where the girl talked about her life just before she went missing, Tea was dropped off by her friend near the blue Toyota Prado on the 16th of October which was about 500 km west of Townsville and the incident was described by her friend in detail. A week has passed by but there is no update about the girl or her whereabouts.

Tea Wright Finger Last Video

Two weeks earlier before she went missing, Tea posted a video of her and she was on a cattle station from where she posted a video on TikTok. Although the video looked fine, she wrote a caption where she detailed that she doesn’t feel good in the place where she is right now and she wanted to go home. She posted a picture and a video where she captured the cattle station along with the sunrise as well. While she also wrote that she wanted to get back home. The last time her mobile was traced it was near the Flinders river, so now the police are more focused on that area and said that they will try to find the girl near the river.

Tea Wright Finger: Wikipedia & Bio

The mobile of Tea went off last Tuesday around 9:30 pm near the river and after that, her mobile was not getting traced. Queensland police said that they are finding the girl and are using lifeline rescue helicopters and search teams as well. Inspector Damian Crosby added that they have no idea what happened with the girl but they are concerned for her well-being. While he added that the main concentration this week will be on her mobile data as they have searched the whole area thoroughly. Police also added that they have covered around 700 km searching for the girl but found nothing. Her family and friends are concerned for her well-being.


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