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MISSING: What Happened To Alexis Morales? Found Dead In South Bend, Cause Of Death Funeral & Obituary News!

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There is news circulating all over the social media and internet, in which it is said that a woman Tuesday gets missing. the woman was last seen at  South bend on the 12th of April at around 6 p.m.. she is said to be leaving a gathering and she also has her 5-month-old baby. the age of the lady was said to be 27 years old. After the missing of the lady, the family members report a complaint at the nearby police station where they said that they lost her. the family member also hopes that they will shortly find the lady whose n name is Alexis Moraleswith her baby. But now the lady said to the dead and baby to take in medical observations.

 stay tuned to our blog page we are here to give you every possible inside about this incident about the lady and how the reason behind her death.

It was confirmed by the police department of south Bend that the lady was dead. the body of the lady was found at South Kaley Street in south bend this Tuesday.  her Baby was under observation with medical staff for now he is safe and recovering from injuries.

 The investigation by the police department was started, According to the officer they said that we found the body of the woman around 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday. she was found on Kaley Street.

The police department searches for the proof of this incident, they check every possible vehicle on the street asks and the nearby personpeopleeck for CCTV cameras. the last location of the mother and her baby was said to be e that they going in a gathering at kelly park in south bend. 

 The family members also post about the missing lady and her child on social media and internet platforms because if anybody sees them they contact their family as soon as possible because of this social media post About the lady this incident get to get viral. every individual on the internet wants the real reason for the death of the lady.

The police officer finds a vehicle plate number about this incident, so now they check every vehicle around the South Bend area. the people around the locality where the body of the lady was found also said that they see our car around this incident but they don’t know about the driver. Sunao officer divorced and figure out what happened in this incident. it is said by why the officer that they will shortly find the proof and catch the person behind it.

@thegossipsworld team condolences and wishes to her family.


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