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Memes Fest Starts On Twitter After iPhone 14 Launch, Check Out Hilarious Memes On Twitter!

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After the lunch of the iPhone 14, many features which were upgraded were announced by the makers and the techies can’t wait for the launch of the mobile. But as earlier as long as the new models are announced there are several memes surrounding the announcements of the release and the internet is flooded with memes and jokes as well. Every year as soon as the new models are getting announced, along with the betterment of the iPhone models there is also betterment in the memes as well, and the netizens just can’t get over the memes. Let us know more in detail about the features that are launched and also about the memes that are airing on the internet. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld.com for the latest updates!!!!!

iPhone 14 launch sparks hilarious meme fest on Twitter

Apple iPhone 14 Launch

Apple announced its brand new model iPhone 14 and they also announced new ranges of the model as well. The newest range of the iPhone 14 consist of four new models and also a new OS as well. People who are a fan of iPhones and their systems and the techies can’t keep calm and get over the new model and designs which were introduced later. In the event that was held on the 7th of September 2022, Wednesday, the announcement was made following the introduction of four new ranges which includes a new Operating system ios 16, the models include, iPhone 12, iPhone 14 plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 pro max.

Apple iPhone 14 New Upgrades & Latest Features

The new upgrades included the news OS and also a new brilliant camera, longer battery shelf life, new advanced display and also emergency SOS through satellites as well. It was also announced that both iPhone 14 pro and Pro Max were coming in a beautiful deep purple colour and the screen of the iPhone plus will be 6.7 inches. As the company announced the minor changes, memes started flooding in and there was a huge meme line on the internet. As the new model announced was almost similar to the old model but with minor changes, the members got a chance to troll the iPhone and they posted many memes on the appearance.

iPhone 14 launch sparks hilarious meme fest on Twitter

Some of the best memes included Twitter memes which were a lot in number. One of the users shared a picture of the iPhone falling down the stairs and said that as the new iPhone is getting announced, the YouTubers will now destroy the old model. While one of the members wrote that the new model is exactly the same as the old one, and he represented two shirts of the same pattern and same colour. While one member said that as the new model is getting announced, the old model’s prices will be downed and they will most likely purchase it. There were many comments on the price as well as the members saying that they have to sell out their kidneys for purchasing the new iPhone.


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