Home Television Mehndi hai Rachne Wali 21st June 2021, Check Today’s Episode Spoiler Highlights

Mehndi hai Rachne Wali 21st June 2021, Check Today’s Episode Spoiler Highlights

We are returning back with the latest scene update of your #1 show “Mehndi hai Rachne Vali” of 21 June 2021. So the scene starts with Raghav & Pallavi are in the vehicle and they are looking for Sunny, Pallavi asks Raghav where will we going to discover Radiant. Then, at that point, Raghav tells her that she can’t arrive as he should leave Hyderabad and I’m essentially certain about it. In the interim, Farhad calls them and advises them to return home.

Mehndi hai Rachne Wali 21st June 2021

Mehndi hai Rachne Wali 21st June 2021 Full Episode

At the moment when they arrive there, they discovered Sunny staying there. Then, at that point Raghav asks him what is he doing here and for what valid reason didn’t leave this city. Unexpectedly Kirti comes there and she is going to embrace him however Her mom and Rghav hold her and they halting her to go to Radiant. After this Raghav use to shout at radiant then he advises everybody how Raghav drives Sunny away from this city and furthermore added that “he was got terrified of him that day however today I’m remaining here before him and won’t going to leave this city and his sister. Raghav couldn’t get you from me in Five crore sum concerning me just Kiriti is significant not cash.”

After this Radiant leaves and Kirti us to no-show Raghav she says I expect this from you there is not something to be stunned on”. What’s more, she leaves from that point. Then at that point, we would witness that Pallavi likewise goes irate at him and she used to disclose to him that he should not do this to his sister. She asks him how might he purchase somebody’s affection in cash. What provides you had done isn’t adequate. You could appear to me & we could discover some arrangements. Then, at that point, she additionally leaves from that point. On the opposite side,

Though we would witness that Kirti attempting to imagine her mother for Radiant however Raghav comes there and Jriti goes irate at him and she uses to insult him. In any case, Raghav advises her to be quiet and sit with him so he can sort the things with her. Though Kirti denies sitting with him and sort the things. At the moment following this Raghav & Pallavi get heartfelt. and Later this Raghav headed to meet Sunny and the scene would wind up here if you want to know more about this grab the complete episode on time and stay in touch with TheGossipsWorld.


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