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 Meet Shivin Ganesan, The First Transwoman Finalist Of Bigg Boss Tamil, Age, Boyfriend & More!

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As we are here to update you about the first transwoman as she has been announced and coming under the top 3 finalists in Bigg Boss Tamil history you might be curious to know her name so her name is Shivin Ganesan. She is a proud transwoman and we are here to update you about her and about her personal life there were several questions that have been raised and people wanted to know more about her so she moved to Singapore as she wanted to follow her dreams and career. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Shivin Ganesan?

Who Is Shivin Ganesan?

So she is the Bigg Boss Tamil 6 contestant she earlier faces a lot of struggles as well as difficulties however after moving to Singapore she decided to come back to India as the only reason why she moved to Singapore was to stay away from the people and she wanted to hide her gender identity as it was creating a lot of hurdles for her and still, she is facing a lot of problems but now she has been establishing her as a powerful transwoman. As it is quite hard and society is not accepting this particular change in her.

Shivin Ganesan: Career & Age

As of now she is managing and she is quite happy with her life as well as with her career she is considered to be one of the confident people she always uses to participate in different performances including art, however, she wanted about how this industry ends up using the male artist to play trans roles instead of hiring a trans actor as there are several other transwomen and who have been dreaming about and they wanted to pursue their career in acting she is a multitalented woman as well as an actress and It professional.

Shivin Ganesan: Wikipedia & Bio

Earlier she was also working as a teacher and she used to guide and help the students out there who belong to the underprivileged communities and who are not in a condition to enrol themselves to go to the public schools so she used to provide them basic electricity skills she also made India proud as she was the part of Miss Transe star International 2022 which took place on March 21. Apart from this, she got immense love in Bigg Boss Tamil season 6.

Transewoman or transgender woman is a woman who has been assigned male at birth and transforms in have a female gender identity but they may experience gender dysphoria. We know that earlier even in the current situation transform in the face a lot of significant discrimination from the area including in employment access to housing and face physical as well as sexual violence crime hate. In a country like the United States discrimination is severe towards trans women who are also members of racial minorities.


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