Meet First Woman Police Commissioner Of Uttar Pradesh Laxmi Singh, Age, Husband, Family, Children & More!

Women are illuminating the name of India in every area and creating history. Particularly in the fields of the Ministry of Defence, they are winning the 1st title. In this lineup, a woman from Uttar Pradesh creates history after becoming the first women police commissioner of UP. She became the inspiration of many other women that if your dreams are clear you just only need to do hard work then nothing will stop you. This role model set an example for other women who thinks that they can’t do anything. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Who Is Laxmi Singh?

Who Is Laxmi Singh?

The name of this proud woman and first UP police commissioner is IPS Laxmi Singh. There are many people who want to know more about her. On the night of Monday, 28th November 2022, the government of Uttar Pradesh declared a chief reshuffle of IPS officers in their state as it declared. The state government states the name of the new commissioners for 3 newly created commissioners including the city of Noida. Now Inspector-General of Lucknow range is Laxmi Singh and she has been handling the department of Noida as a first lady commissioner of UP.

First Woman Police Commissioner Of Uttar Pradesh Laxmi Singh

Laxmi Singh will now replace Alok Singh who is now the new Director General of Polie in the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Apart from her, in the parliamentary constituency of Narendra Modi (the Prime Minister Of India) in Varanasi, Ashok Mutha Jain will be appointed as police commissioner and he is replacing Satish Ganesh. Whereas in Ghaziabad, Ajay Mishra is holding the position of 1st police commissioner. On the other side, in Agra, the commissioner of this state is Preetinder Singh. Last but not the least, Ramir Shama is now the 1st police commissioner of Prayagraj.

State Police Commissioner
Noida Laxmi Singh (First Woman Police Commissioner)
Agra Preetinder Singh
Ghaziabad Ajay Mishra
Prayagraj Ramir Shama
Varanasi Ashok Mutha

Laxmi Singh: Wikipedia & Bio

Many new appointments have been done in the many cities of Uttar Pradesh but out of this only 1 name is creating a lot of buzz and making people proud and that is Laxmi Singh. She creates history by becoming the first woman police commissioner of Noida. In Uttar Pradesh, she is a senior Indian Police Service Officer. She cleared the civil service examination in 2022. After that in the year 2014, she became the Director General of Police of PAC in Meerut.

Laxmi Singh is famous for detaining many dacoits. Before holding the position of commissioner she has been on many posts such as DIG, DG, and ADG. In the year 2019, Laxmi got a promotion and become the Inspector General of Police and she holds the position of Lucknow city.


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