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Mass Shooting At Monterey Park California, At Least 11 People Killed, Suspect Name Revealed!

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Monterey Park, California, in a studio people, were killed openly by a gunman who entered teh dance studio where there were people celebrating New Year. After teh shooting occurred, the suspect fled the suspects fled place and there were many causalities and injured people as well. This was a piece of shocking news for many people. This shooting occurred this weekend while many people who were killed were all Asian celebrating the lunar New Year. Follow Our website TheGossipsWorld Media for the latest updates!!!!!

Mass Shooting At Monterey Park California

Mass Shooting At Monterey Park California

The suspect was later caught and the van along with him was discovered as well. Let us discuss in detail the case and also the victims as well. Stay tuned until teh end as we covered details about the suspect and the victims of the shooting as well. it was mentioned by the police earlier when the shooting occurred that a gunman who was wearing a hoodie entered teh dance studio and he open fire killing ten people and injuring many.

At Least 11 People Killed At Monterey Park California Shooting

While now it is mentioned that a total of eleven people were killed and nine others were injured as well. In the shooting area, police sealed the place and the shooter was getting searched. On the other hand, police revealed that a van was seen at the crime scene when the shooter left after they chased the van and found it in Torrance which is miles away from Monetary. The man who was found in the van and who killed eleven people in this shooting was a 72 years old man who was identified as Huu Can Tran who fled the shooting scene in a white van.

Who Are The Victims?

Police found him dead in the van in Torrance, while he had a self-inflicted injury that he did from his gun. On the other hand police discovered a handgun as well from his car. Police mentioned that the motive behind this shooting was unclear as the shooter passed away and investigations were ongoing as well. Police were yet to mention the names of the victims, but as of now as teh investigations are completed, it is mentioned that the victim’s identities are revealed.

Speaking of the identities of the people who passed away, then here is a list of the people who passed away and identified by the police so far. Diana Tom is a remembered granny to her grandchildren. Diana was seventy years old and she died at Monterey park on teh 22nd of Jan. Her condition was critical when she was transferred to the hospital. While two more names came ahead while teh police mentioned their names. The names were as follows, Xiu Juan Yu who is aged 57 and Valentino Alvero who is aged 68 were among the 11 victims who passed away. More names are yet to be revealed by the police.

As per the reports, the victims, in this case, were all over the age of 50 and they were all senior citizens. Speaking of the suspect, he was earlier identified by the police, but now police said that the man had a criminal history and he was arrested in 1990 for unlawful possession of a firearm. He was suspected to manufacture firearms at his house and suppressors as well. He also had hundreds of rounds of ammunition as well in containers in his house. Chairman of the LA County Board supervisors, Janice Hahn said that this was the worst mass shooting and that the whole of Los Angeles county is mourning the demise of the victims.


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